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Press Release: Scunthorpe LGBT

30th Oct 2018

We are Scunthorpe LGBT and over the last couple of months we have reformed a brand new dedicated team of volunteers after a few years of being quiet.

We aim to provide safe and friendly, social environments for our local LGBT community  and anyone else supporting of LGBT. Once properly re-established we hope to further our support to help other great causes and introduce a variety of activities and events.

The Scunthorpe LGBT volunteers will soon be forming an office. This means officially being recognised as a community organisation and electing member roles.

Sometimes the best kind of support is a social event like ours. It can help build confidence and offer support in so many ways. Meeting people, dancing and having a good time, surrounded by friendly like-minded people. A night without fear of showing who you are, enjoying a safe and secure night out, filled with happy faces.

We launched our first event on October 5th at the newly refurbished Void Nightclub in Scunthorpe called “OUT TNITE?!”

We received a great response from our launch. Void contacted us shortly after the event to invite us back to organise another before the end of the year. Attendees messaged and commented to let us know how much they enjoyed it and how much they hoped there would be another event soon.

Guest feedback:

“Amazing – felt right at home from the second I walked in – especially seeing the trans flag flying high.”

“The atmosphere was great, everyone was so happy, friendly and relaxed”

“Amazing, everyone was so happy and friendly. I drove, so didn’t drink but still had an absolute brilliant night.”

“I pretty much loved it, just because it seemed so different compared to what we normally get.”

“I’ve seen this all before, but seeing it in a town like Scunthorpe made it more special”

“Very good, I would attend more if this kind of event happened more often”

The Scunthorpe LGBT team is made up of 6 main volunteers and many supporters in the community. We will be accepting 2 more volunteers to join our team and complete our office.

For the launch everyone that worked that night and in the planning process did so free of charge, for the good of the local LGBT community and in the hope this could be the boost Scunthorpe LGBT needs. It’s all down to great teamwork.

It’s been a number of years since a night like this has taken place, but little by little Scunthorpe is providing more for the LGBT community. We’ve seen the North Lincs Council Rainbow Café launch this year, with massive support and success.

Years ago, Scunthorpe had some sort of an LGBT scene, integrated into town centre nightlife, even if we didn’t label it. Over the years the venues that were loved by many have gone.

Henry’s nightclub on a Sunday was a big part of LGBT club culture in Scunthorpe. The Baths Hall “Tickled Pink” was one of the biggest and most successful LGBT nights bringing people from far and wide to the area for a night out. We had the new venue, Cr8 (Lord Roberts), Crosby, Pepper Lounge (Bamboogy) all providing safe environments for our LGBT community on a night out and then there was nothing!

Scunthorpe LGBT Team member:

“I know personally, some of these types of nights were the best I’ve ever had and probably will ever have and the memories will stay with me forever.  I met lifelong friends and felt accepted and I want that for other members of the community who haven’t experienced the local LGBT community spirit in Scunthorpe.

There’s enough hate out there in the world, so as a community it’s time to unite/reunite and show each other some kindness and support. It’s not just a club night, it stands for so much more and we hope to bring so much more.

Support groups are important but everyone needs support in different ways and I know me and my friends found support in local LGBT club nights when we were younger.” 

Scunthorpe LGBT’s next event will be on Friday December 14th starting at 8pm.

The event will be held at Void Nightclub as this venue worked hard to ensure a safe and fun night for all.

We will have guest DJ and act The Witch Blair who is a familiar face at “The Scene” in Lincoln and “Viaduct bar” in Leeds. Joining Blair will be a Misty, a queen of the past Scunthorpe scene and our resident acts Luna Saint and Bunny OhHoney.

The event is for everyone, not just members of the LGBT community, so any supporters and friendly people are welcome.

Cheap list places to OUT TNITE?! are available via the event; or you can email with a list of names.

This will grant you £3 entry on the night. All monies raised go into future events organised by Scunthorpe LGBT and we hope to eventually be in the position where we can start donating towards worthy causes.




Download PDF of press release pr

Download PDF of  poster


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