Review // Beauty & The Beast at The Baths Hall

The Easter Pantomime visit to the Baths Hall has now been and gone,   we were probably the only two adults there without a child as this was the earlier showing at 2pm.

The stage curtain was coated with glittery roses and the title “Beauty & The Beast”.

The auditorium was full with flashing swords and twirling light sticks. The show featured Dani Harmer as Beauty (Previously known for her popular children’s TV show Tracy Beaker), and Mr Bobby Davro, the 80’s entertainer.

Bobby played Silly Billy, he seemed to form a comedy duo with the bad guy of the show Anton De Burke. They weren’t bad but I found the last time I watched the panto Bobby was a lot more comical working as a duo with the Dame they had previously. I think there has been quite a switch in cast members since last year so some of the funny connections and chemistry have been lost a little this time round.

The scene and plot is set by the flash and pop of the panto fairy “Fairy Liquid” with her yorkshire accent. As she takes you through the story from start to finish popping in at intervals throughout the show. The plot has been adapted since last time and it doesn’t follow the traditional Beauty and The Beast storyline to the book but the gist of it is there with added panto must haves like audience interaction and the usual commeradory.

The sound, lights and production of the show were executed nicely. The beast and Bell’s voice were probably the best of the show as the actor playing the Beast had quite a strong operatic style voice.

Pantomimes rarely run completely smooth and I personally prefer a few mistakes as it’s what makes the panto funny. As this show has been running a while there are less mistakes therefore less laughs for the adults. In comparison to our local christmas panto this is definitely more suitable for the little ones.

The Baths Hall staff were polite and welcoming as always.

The theatre company that put on this production will be back again next easter with a new panto based on Robin Hood.

For more events at the Baths Hall visit their website here.

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