Show Review // All Star Wrestling presents Super Slam Wrestling @ Baths Hall

Merseyside based All Star Wrestling brought their Super Slam Wrestling show to Scunthorpe for a night of wrestling fun.

All Star Wrestling are best known for running wrestling shows all over the country, that include holiday camp shows, as well as being family friendly.

They have a long history in the wrestling business, with many stars from the World of Sport era having wrestled for them, as well as WWE wrestlers such as Sheamus and Daniel Bryan.

The show featured five matches but was completely different to the card mentioned on The Baths Hall website.

There were several wrestlers mentioned not on the show, as well as no divas match, which unfortunately happens a lot at touring wrestling shows such as this one.

Whilst this was slightly disappointing, the show was a lot of fun, with the show being a good fun night out.

First up “The Ladies Man” and star of TV’s Love Island Adam Maxted, put on an impressive performance against Screwface, with the fan favourite Adam Maxted coming up short in a back and forth match when he was pinned for the 3 count by Screwface.

The 2nd match was a novice vs experienced wrestler match, which featured a young Joe Bailey vs veteran Tony Spitfire, in what was the only match which featured two fan favourites battling each other with no cheating involved.

Joe Bailey is the son of WWE star William Regal, wearing similar wrestling gear to his father and even being announced from Blackpool like his dad too, but it was never mentioned that he was William Regal’s son at anytime during the event.

The veteran Tony Spitfire won the closely fought contest but Joe Bailey impressed me, especially as this was one of his first professional matches, so he should be a name to watch out for.

The 3rd match and final one before the interval featured Diamond Steele against the masked Tiger Kid.

Diamond Steel came to the ring with his guitar, saying how much better America is than the UK, before playing the American anthem on his guitar.

Fan favourite Tiger Kid won this match by disqualification after Diamond Steel had it won but was disqualified for cheating too much.

This ending didn’t really make much sense to me, as Diamond Steel was announced the winner, but then it was reversed and it ruined the match.

After the break where they sold backstage passes to meet the wrestlers after the show for £5, it was an international tag match featuring Harlem Bravado and former WWE star Gangrel vs Max Moran and the UK’s James Mason.

Max Moran was being billed as the next WWE Superstar but as a long time wrestling fan I have never heard of him and he didn’t look anything special in the tag match.

The match finished when Max Moran pinned Harlem Bravado.

The final match was a bit of an odd match to finish on with it being a comedy handicap match.

Normally in a handicap match it is one of the good guy wrestlers vs 2 of the bad guys, but in this case the masked bad guy Tagori took on Dan Main and Little Legs, who is a wrestler under 4ft tall and was also a goblin in some of the Harry Potter movies.

The crowd really enjoyed this match as the sound of laughter filled the venue and it appeared that just about everyone had smiles on their faces.

Following a double team move, Little Legs got the pin, much to the delight of the crowd.

As fans who had purchased the backstage pass started to line up to meet the wrestlers, I decided to leave and head off home, after a fun nights entertainment.

All Star Wrestling announced they would return during half term in October but no date is currently confirmed.

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