Gig Review// One Chapter Down, Marx & Ceiling Demons

It’s Independent Venue Week at the Lincoln Imp, in conjunction with Budheron Promotions, a night of Rap, Hip Hop and a bit of Metal. Featuring One Chapter Down, Marx and Ceiling Demons.

Marx, aka Martin Guymer from Hull, who is one of the hardest working Rappers in the country he recently played Liverpool, Stoke, Newcastle and Lancaster. In 2017 he won the O’Reilly awards show best Rap/Hip-hop/Dance Act. He has played Scunthorpe once before when he was 16 years old with his band at the Abacus. Marx performed with lots of passion and energy, some of the tracks from his new album “The Notorious MKG” now available for download.

Next up was Ceiling Demons a band from a little place near Richmond, N Yorks, who take their influence from band like the Streets, Tricky and Serengeti. They have been booked to play many festivals during the summer. This is their first time to Scunthorpe, they commented that the Lincoln Imp is one of the best venues they have played in, “Lorraine and her team our absolutely wonderful and such great hospitality.” The show had a theatrical start with the band appearing in face masks before smashing in their first song “Scattered by the Squall”. Psy and Dan on vocals gave on amazing performance filled with intensity and lots of emotional energy, performing tracks from their new album “NIL”. They finished their set with “Elegy of NIL”.

Headlining the night were local band One Chapter Down, having seen this band a few times before I know they never fail to put on an exciting performance. Phil with his clean cut singing, Rap and throwing in some screaming, you have the perfect vocalist. Driving beats from Ian on the drums, by the way I love his new orange sparkle drum kit, Melv playing some cool rhythms on guitar, and not forgetting Antz with his own amazing version of Britney Spears tune “baby hit me on more time” always a winner with the crowd.

Yet another great night at the Lincoln Imp thanks Lorraine Briggs and her team, Promoter Mark Budheron.

Review and Photos courtesy of Dave Chennells

More images via DPC Photography

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