Review // Joel Dommett @ The Baths Hall

A packed auditorium took to their seats for a night of comedy with funny man, Joel Dommett.

It was a simple set with mellow lighting and a nice selection of nu metal and pop rock songs played while we waited.

A big applause echoed the room as the lights went down and Joel introduced himself to Scunthorpe.

First off he used Scunthorpe as a starting point, which is a common theme with comedians visiting our town. Google gave Joel a few results for the town that he went into.

Also placed on the stage was a retro ‘old School’ chair, which Joel used to bring in laughs about those old stackable school chairs that you would put onto the table at the end of the day.

Joel made reference to a childhood band he sang in with his best friend Steve. He goes on to tell the audience about their one and only gig at a cricket pavillion, which got a lot of laughs. He also explained him and Steve fell out for 3 years but this all leads upto the second half of the show.

Joel being a similar age to me I could relate to alot of his material that referred to Korn and Crazytown. He went on to describe the Crazytown gig he attended and sang us a little bit of Butterfly. We were played into the break with that tune blasting out through the speakers. I was delighted to hear one of my old favourite tunes played in the break ‘Finch-Letters To You’.

The second half was definitely the better half and Joel really got into things and drew a conclusion to everything he had set up in the first half.

So the second half opens with an upbeat song and Joel singing in the dark, which breaks into him having a Lazer penis that aims around the room.

He also speaks about 3 of his dating disasters and his webcam Beenie shame.

As I mentioned before he said him and his best friend Steve fell out but after being in “I’m a Celebrity” he decided to give him a call. A little later on he introduces Steve to the stage with a guitar in hand to play the gig they never finished when they were 14. Luckily Luke from local rock band Skarlett Riot was in the audience and being the only confessed musician in the audience Joel summoned him to the stage to hold some drum sticks and air drum, which might I add, he did very well. Steve on strings and Joel on vocals they performed Papa Roach, Last resort and a popular Christmas carol followed for the encore.

Joel stripped off to a fishnet top, which showed off his rippling abz. So that pleased some members of the audience. He even attempted a little crowd surf over the seated audience members.

In the show there is also a multicoloured confetti cannon, which I expected from his tour promo pics and that adds a nice touch to the show as you will find out if you catch the tour.

It was great to see Joel return to Scunthorpe to a packed main auditorium as the last time I saw him in Scunthorpe it was at the Knock Knock comedy club in the side bar of the Baths Hall with a lot less people.

It was a great show to say it was his first ever big tour and probably difficult picking up after having to reschedule due to becoming a presenter on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Now in Australia.

He seemed well received by the Scunthorpe audience and hopefully he will be back again soon.

Hull City Hall on 10th February will be Joel’s next date local to Scunthorpe so if you missed him this time don’t worry.

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