Review // Russell Brand Re: Birth Tour

Tuesday 21st November the Baths Hall was packed for a night with Russell Brand for his latest tour Re: Birth. Mostly based around life, how weird people are and the birth of his daughter.
I don’t often go to big name comedian tours but more to the smaller comedy nights here and there. Russell managed to keep me engaged throughout the whole show, which is quite an accomplishment. His whole stage presence is entertaining.

Russell Brand is one of those people/comedians that people either love or hate and I have to say I do find him quite funny in the films he has been in and the stand up I’ve seen on TV. I don’t claim to know what he is rambling on about at times with his quick talking, that to me sounds a little like spoken word in fast pace.

One of the best bits of the show was gathering his material to use for the rest of the show by using audience members questionnaires to get laughs. Russell brought out a camera woman to film the audience and bring them up on the big screen behind him as he read through people’s questionnaire answers. He read out the names of the people’s whose answers he was referring to and the camera zoomed in on their embarrassed face.
I wasn’t too shocked by some of the submissions but Russell did a good job at turning them into worse things and referring back to them throughout the show. One man in particular avoided raising his hand to admit his experience but Russell Tracked down his row. He was very interactive with his fans, jumping down and wandering about to hug and chat to people with the audience passing his mic wire above their heads like a sort of mexican wave.

The audience were a lot more forthcoming than I’ve experienced before at comedy night in Scunthorpe, perhaps because it was a well known comedian as opposed to one at a local comedy club.

In the Interval Russell took the time to try meet and greet as many people as he could at the front of stage, signing books, chatting and posing for selfies. The line for that was huge so I opted out.

The show format was well structured and he kept the flow going, at times I didn’t really have a clue what he was on about, as his talking is so fast but it still sounds rather poetic in the way he says things.
Russell looked rather cool as he usually does, choosing a simple white London vest top and some rather shiny black jeans with a silver accessory chain, which he poked fun at before the show got started.

In the show he used clips of times he has appeared in the media, i.e an interview with Jeremy Paxman and on the news outside number 10 Downing street. He used these clips wisely, pausing them throughout to explain in between and make fun of himself. That’s one thing he does really well is take the p**s out of himself.

Towards the end of the show it was more focused around his experience of the birth of his daughter, featuring some detailed points that were involved in the birth.

All in all a lot of laughs in the audience and although very busy the Baths Hall & event staff managed it very well.


If you missed Russell then you can catch him on one of this other tour dates:



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