Halloween // Local Ghost Story

Have you got something scarier? Submit your experience via the contact form at the bottom of the page. If you wish to remain Anonymous just leave the name section blank. The first story explains an experience with what seems like two ghostly or unexplained goings on.

Story One:

Location: Scunthorpe/ Private Home
It was early hours of the morning, perhaps 2/3am, when I was woken by what I can only describe as an earthquake. I was woken from a dream so I knew I was awake. My cat sat up in it’s bed and made a startled sound so I figured this must be one of those mini earthquakes if she can feel it too.
The strange thing was the sound. I have a wooden bed but the sound was as if it were metal rattling, which was quite confusing. I tried to move to put the light on or get out the room but I was stuck to the bed and I couldn’t speak either. Sometime I hear this can be a form of a sleep disorder but I believe it was real. No sound would come from my mouth nor would it open so I couldn’t even shout.
As I couldn’t move, the covers were slightly covering my view of anything going on except for the way I was facing. I could see the other side of my bed next to me towards the middle and bottom but I couldn’t see ontop of me or to the side. At this point I can’t remember if the shaking stopped as I was too concerned that I couldn’t move when it got a little worse. I felt a large pressure get on top of me as though a person had climbed on top. I’m laid there trying to convince myself it’s the cat but no way is the cat that heavy or that big. This pressure pushed down on me so I couldn’t breathe and stayed there for what felt like a lifetime. Not being able to breath or talk and not being able to see what was on top of me, as you can imagine was rather distressing but at the same time would it be more scary to see what it was?
Finally I felt the pressure of someone slide off me and the side of the bed next to me dipped, I actually saw and felt the side of the bed next to me dip and the edge of the bed go down as if something invisible was exiting it. I saw a long thin black shadow slide off the edge.
Now I can’t say I had never experienced anything before because strangely once a year I would experience something that didn’t really affect me as I could debunk it more easily. But in previous years I had experienced a hand on my shoulder quite firmly, I checked my own hand I was that confused, thinking is my hand on my shoulder. No was the answer. Then the back of my t shirt would be lifted up, which I could quite clearly feel. On one occasion I did jump up and shout get off me but another time I felt a sharp scratch down my back, which I could even feel the next day.
Let’s just say this all got a bit much for me after that last time, I could deal with the once a year experiance and tell myself it was a dream but this I really could not explain. I must also say ever since I was young I have experienced a green glowing light in my bedroom at night. It’s never really moved position too much but it does pulse into a larger and longer line rather than a ball sometimes. Which can be a little daunting when you’re laid in bed staring at it. I have tried to capture it on film but it isn’t all that clear on a phone camera. Sounds strange but if you do acknowledge it then it will sometimes glow bigger for you.
My earliest memories of this green glow would probably be around 15 years ago. I even had friends and family come look at it and show them and they can’t explain it. I walk around the room and prove nothing else can be casting this and obviously in 15 years, I have changed my room a few times.
Since the event first mentioned happened, I could not really sleep without fear, which sounds a bit silly and I’m not really easily scared by that sort of thing but I did have to get a medium round eventually just so I could rest my mind that whatever happened wasn’t going to hurt me or suffocate me in my sleep again.
My house is relatively old and it does back onto a woodland but I am told the ghost I experienced was someone known to me, I don’t want to go into too much detail in this but ultimately my advice would be don’t go near spirit boards especially in the place that was your childhood/teenage hang out, where you and all your friends would go. I didn’t even take part in the spirit boards but apparently you only need to be present for a spirit to connect to you without you knowing.
The medium assured me that it wasn’t meant in evil and that he had told this person not to visit again, he said that this person doesn’t just visit me and they don’t know how to go about communicating because of the way they died. Secondly the green light, this is apparently a distant family member, a great grandad, a guardian angel if you will. This presence remains in my house and my bedroom. Since this I have not experienced anything much, there are still presences there as these two were not all apparently picked up but they don’t bother me. You can sometimes hear footsteps across my room when you are sat in the room below and my dogs will sit and stare and growl at things but to be honest that could be a cobweb knowing them.
I would like to believe this was a dream and I too didn’t really believe in anything like this.

Story Two:

Location of Story : The Honest Lawyer
Your Story: Just come spend a night in the Honest Lawyer if your a non believer! I’ve seen a blonde hair girl walk past the kitchen whilst no one was in the restaurant. I’ve had taps turn themselves on in the kitchen. Sounds like people going down the backstairs when I’m the only one in the pub. Heard numerous noises emitting from the cellar when no one is in there and one of the waitresses who went into the cellar had her named called out to her as if trying to get her attention. See orbs on the cameras at night as well.


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