Decision Made On Kingsway Golf Course Future // News

Looks like a decision has now been made after consulting the public. What are your thoughts?

 Council establishes Kingsway Local Nature Reserve

North Lincolnshire Council will designate a new Local Nature Reserve in Scunthorpe.

By creating the Kingsway Local Nature Reserve, the council hopes to:

  • Protect existing wildlife habitats and create opportunities for more wildlife to use them
  • Involve local people in the active running of the site
  • Create a learning environment where schools can undertake educational work in an open air classroom
  • Create a green space where people can walk, cycle and enjoy physical exercise whilst exploring nature on the doorstep.

Once completed, the new Kingsway Local Nature Reserve will measure 12 hectares. The first six hectares will be made up of woodlands and an area of open grassland, and a further six hectares will be designated once drainage works are completed on the site.

Benches, footpaths and bins will all be added to the site to create an accessible area for residents to explore nature in the heart of Scunthorpe.

Before becoming a golf course, the Kingsway site was a valuable habitat for species including Nightingale and woodpecker. We will put up bird and bat boxes on the site to support its transition to a nature reserve and we hope to attract some of these species back to the area.

Cllr Richard Hannigan, cabinet member for Safer, Green and Cleaner Places, said:

“Nature reserves and other green spaces provide recreational space for residents, valuable habitats for wildlife, and are key in keeping North Lincolnshire attractive and healthy.

“When we consulted with local residents back in August about the plans to create a new nature reserve on the Kingsway site, 90 per cent supported the idea. Around a third of those who completed the survey also said they would be interested in volunteering at the nature reserve.

“It is fantastic to see a community enthusiastic about and engaging with a project like this and working together to make North Lincolnshire an even better place to live, work and visit.”

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and helping to support and manage Kingsway Local Nature Reserve, please get in touch with Kay Perry in our Environment Team on or call 01724 297028.


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