RESULTS // The Party In The Pines Feedback Survey

Many of you have already filled in the Party In The Pines survey we launched after last years event. A lot can happen in a year and the Party In The Pines team have listened to your feedback. So keep an eye on their page for any updates. Tickets are still available from Cafe INDIEpendent or online via It’s going to be a SELL OUT.

We couldn’t include all the answers because it would be pages long. So we have selected a few to share.


If you would like to fill in the survey please click here

We asked you…

What was your favourite part of the day?

“Probably reverend and the makers at the may event who I was looking forward to seeing all day. The august event didn’t quite have same feeling as I’d never heard of sunshine underground, but loved the rave stage at the august event, spent most of the time there.”

“Enjoyed all of the day- we was all in the hardrive section. DJ’s where great maybe some more bigger DJ’s next time but was great to see m-zone and mark eg always a great combination- although I prefer old hardcore/trance music there was a great range of styles to suit all”

The people
the atmosphere
The music
All of it”

“2 bits….can’t choose…face painted, dancing in the sun like an old hippie (aged 44yrs) with my man OR….jumping up and down like a lunatic with a plastic squash bottle full of wine in hand to a band I’d never heard of as the sun went down!!”

“All of the day was great with great music and a brilliant atmosphere”

“Night time – best music on the hard drive side plus the lights / flares / fire dancers made it awesome atmosphere”

“I loved it all!…Sitting in the early afternoon, basking in the sunshine, listening to the great sounds from the Indie stage or dancing in the dark and craziness at the Rave bowl.”

“Having two completely different atmospheres from the different stages”

“It was my 1st time so didn’t know what to expect , don’t have a favourite part loved every minute , the hole experience was fantastic.”

“When it got dark and the party really got going!!
See loads of old mates was another great part.”
“Every bit of it from start to finish”
“Enjoying the sunshine with good company and great music”
“Once it got dark and people started to get up and stand up and party.”
“Watching the mighty sunshine underground”
“Everything!!! Love the new set up for the dance area although could be a bit flatter in front of stage (appreciate the fact that this takes time/money and is weather dependant) the guys at pines did a fab job…..every pitp just keeps getting better (4th timer). Well done to everyone involved!”
“The laidback atmosphere of the afternoon”
“Allllllllll of it ;)”
“Very hard to single it down to one thing. The whole event was of the wall”
“The whole atmosphere was amazing loved every part…”

Please tell us anything you think could be improved?

“Better choice of food / higher quality food. Choice of good ales on sale.”

“Camp site was very messy with long uncut grass difficult to walk n drive over, more toilets in camp site”

“More toilet roll as this was rationed. Things to sit on. More stalls. Variety of food.”

“Nothing, was perfect!”

“More food, maybe a longer day 12 hours went too quick”
“More toilets tho this August was better”

“Toilets closer to the other stages. Also we thought it would be a great ideas to have hammocks in the middle tree section! Just an idea?”

“List of bands/DJ’s that are on and at what times near to the stage. Programme for memories.”

“Been to all the pines and never disappoint!! Love that can take own booze it’s such a chilled out atmosphere. I missed the DJ’s at the end of the night in the little bit left of the main stage, would love some more house DJ’s in there! Not into the MC’s and rave but each to there own. Let’s get all 3 stages going next time, 3 genres of music. First august one had some great house DJ’s”
“Food service”
“A few more bins and some litter picking though daytime! And the women’s toilets were a bit troublesome, some got stuck in there, and this random woman was charging women to use the toilet which I know is not PITP protocol!”

“I appreciate there are plenty of bins situated around the site for rubbish, unfortunately not everybody puts their rubbish in the bins provided. Maybe it would be a good idea, as they do at other festivals, to offer free entry to a few people whose task would be to go around picking up rubbish during the day and also pointing out the bins provided to those who are having trouble using them. I would be happy to volunteer for that as it is such a shame seeing such a beautiful area covered in rubbish……or maybe you could have some sort of weigh in empty cans system where so many cans returned to a collection point equals one free beer token or something. Apart from that everything just keeps getting better. Keep up the good work!!

PS…..I love the art work you have going on and I wonder if there might be an opportunity next year for some yarn-art displayed on the trees or bushes. I am happy to provide that.”

“another 2/3 food stalls. That one van prob made a killing but more choices would be great”

“More waste bins spread out plastic,cans,cardboard etc.! Grass cutting shorter and cleared big pot holes filling.! Beer cider tent.! More festival stalls and games.! Fun fair.! Bigger lasers and visuals.! Flattened areas or platforms to dance on.! Advertisement for the wider audience out there I.e flyers at different events local newspaper”

“Daytime litter picking by stewards, More stalls to look at and better food vans (the burgers were pink and gross)and it cost me £6 for a burger.”

“The improvements seem to be happening naturally each time but maybe some set times posted around and the band/ festival merchandise marketed bit better and a couple more bins .all in all a great event and certainly be dragging more friends Here again”

“I’m more there for the music and haven’t really been round what was there. But I do know that the good van was charging 50p for onions which is a bit steep lol”

“Needs a Huge Art Wall…..just a long blank space suitable for people to draw on”

OVERALL without posting every single answer, most mentioned were, more toilets, more/better food and more lighting at night and segregated camping and parking. Some of these have already been improved since the last August festival and I’m pretty sure things will continue to improve every year. Most of the feedback was very positive and no major bad points to be improved.


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