Official: Party In The Pines Feedback (Survey) -Enter The Prize Draw

The Party In The Pines team want your feedback. For everyone who fully completes the survey and included their email address an entry will be made into a prize draw to win tickets to the next Party In The Pines event. The date is yet unknown for the next event but keep your eyes peeled it can only be bigger and better.

You MUST complete the survey below to enter the draw, comments below are welcome but will not be counted in the final stats for the prize draw.



11 thoughts on “Official: Party In The Pines Feedback (Survey) -Enter The Prize Draw”

  1. Amazing day and night. Dirty Sterling were the highlight for me i also enjoyed the native braves and sunshine underground. I even suprised myself later on, actually dancing and having fun at the rave stage to the hardcore Dj’s usually not my thing but i really enjoyed the vibe and the atmoshere of the people and the whole event. Every event is getting bigger and better,chuffed to say i helped build the rave stage and had a small input into creating the event. Top bombing !!! When is the next one ?


  2. Great night.great venue.ubelievable atmosphere.bargain prices . What more can be said SPOT ON GUYS!!!!


  3. Travelled down from Manchester to attend this smash up with my family who all reside in scunny, I’ll tell you this for nothing Scunthorpe is fast becoming a bit of a legend on the other side of the moors, I couldn’t believe my mince pies when I pulled up in my car, you lot have really started to pull it off in the music scene, Dirty Stirling are the bollocks, they’ve got style attitude and talent, melodic punching the air anthems with come down softly acoustic ballads that grip you by short and curlys, no choice but to stand in complete awe and listen to these sling that scunny steel sound right into your boat race (face) I’m no mug when it comes to music and the last time I got a hard on over a new band (apart from oasis) was Courteeners, I’m getting that twitch now, if I was them boys now I’d have a travel bag ready because you never know who is gonna be knocking on the door to say…..get in the van, we’re doing Europe!! Good luck Sirty Stirling!!!! I owe the pleasure of this introduction to my family Dave Cox and Dan Easthope, great guitarist/vocalist, keep going!!!


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