Bye Bye To Another Bar // Town Centre Closure

2015-04-17 09.14.33Oscar’s bar, more well known to most and never forgotten as The Blarney Stone has now closed again after only 8 months of being re opened. We reviewed the 98p breakfast a few months ago, so obviously this review will be no longer standing. Oscar’s bar made a statement on social media reading:

Due to things out of our control Oscar’s bar is now closed. We would like to thank all the loyal customers who supported us in the last 8 months and if you had a party booked with us. We are also sorry for this.

If you have got a party booked in and have paid money to us please leave us a private message and we will sort out getting the money back to you as soon as we can.

Will this bar re open again or is it a lost cause? With local town nightlife being a very tough scene these days not all bars can make it so maybe there just isn’t enough revelers to keep so many venues in Scunthorpe town centre viable. Feel free to give your opinions on the closure or your memories of Oscars/Blarney.

Scunthorpe Nights wish the staff and team of Oscars the best of luck with any future ventures as it is obviously a sad time to give up on something you have worked hard to make a success.

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One thought on “Bye Bye To Another Bar // Town Centre Closure

  1. We have too many pubs in scunthorpe just like too many pound shops. Let’s concentrate on what we have and make them better. The council really needs to ask local people what they want and not what the council want. START LISTENING TO PEOPLE WHO WERE BORN AND BRED HERE.


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