Food Review Retraction // As The Beckwood Chef & Manager Leaves

The new pub manager of The Beckwood has now left.

The food side was picking up as before the Scunthorpe Nights review there were around 6 people in for steak night. But the Thursday after our review 40 people were booked in to try it. We now have to say that the review for The Beckwood may not resemble the same food as talked about in our review as a new chef and temporary management have taken over.

We have to tell you this as we feel not mentioning the change would be unfair to anyone else who has seen the review and thought about booking in to try it.  Don’t worry though we have a new food review of a different town centre venue booked in for next week.

The food at The Beckwood was brilliant, but the pub trade seemed to be lacking with less people using the establishment for their local pint.

After three months, chef-manager Paddy McIlhenny and his partner Ian Brooke have quit the Beckwood in Bottesford.The pair will return to The Mallard in Scunthorpe.

The Mallard will be offering diners two steak dinners for £14 and three-course meals for pensioners at £6.25.

Lewis Dillon, owner of the Nelthorpe Arms at South Ferriby, and his partner Ness Thompson have taken over temporary management of the Beckwood.

The couple have retained some of the staff and have appointed a new woman chef.

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