Review // That’ll Be The Day @ The Baths Hall

2015-04-30 19.27.14Last week we went to watch the stage show of ‘That’ll Be The Day’ the show has been running for almost 30 years now.

It probably isn’t something I would personally have looked at going to see, because I didn’t know much about it. But after seeing this years stage show, I was definitely impressed. The auditorium was packed out and it appeared to have a lot of returning audience members who had seen the touring show from previous visits. Not only were the cast individually very talented singers and musicians but the whole production and organisation of the was just brilliant. It flowed well and kept you interested throughout. It did last quite a long time but with the cast role switching and the fast paced change overs it didn’t get boring. The show was very clever with its transitions to the next tribute and song.

The casts talents seemed limitless, with them swapping roles,instruments, personas and their ability to make you believe they were who the screen said they were.

It was like going to watch many tribute acts all rolled into one show. There wasn’t many characters we didn’t know or recognise and the costumes, instruments and even the microphone changed to fit the periods of Rock n Roll it was portraying.

One thing in particular I liked was the style of the show. They used old retro adverts to play between the quick change overs and also used retro clips of TV shows and voice overs to introduce certain acts to make it appear as if the artist was appearing on the chart show or a certain concert. For example the 5,4,3,2,1 and MTV. The background images on the TV screen set the scene for each change perfectly without the need for any physical object set changes.

It was impressive how a lot of the roles the cast played did actually look quite convincing. You could tell that the show held a previous Elvis and Cliff Richard tribute as they were probably the most visually matching to the real thing.

The show was broken up with comedy sketches and that was well received by the audience with plenty of laughs. Towards the end of the show everyone was out of their seats singing and dancing along. I would definitely recommend catching the show next time it visits town with it’s 30th Anniversary show. It was suitable for most ages, obviously most of the humor is aimed at adults but there were a few children there who seemed to be enjoying themselves.

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