Live Review // Skarlett Riot – “We Are The Brave” Launch

wpid-20150213_215250.jpgA bit of a busy night last Friday first stop was Plowright and then a hop, skip & jump to The Lincoln Imp to make it in time for local rising rock stars Skarlett Riot to take to the stage.

Upon my arrival the audience were spilling out the double doors into the corridor just because of the shear volume of fans local and out of town. Skarlett Riot rarely play the Scunthorpe gig scene and if they do then you will usually find them at The Lincoln Imp, why? well probably because it has a great light & sound set up and it’s a good place to have a mosh.

As usual the band managed to gather a crowd right up to the barriers, with lots of enthusiastic head banging and jumping about.The band powered through tracks new and old, with fan classics like Tear Me down and Rock and Roll queen along with obviously the new EP tracks.

There’s not really much need to talk about their music as you can listen for yourself but this band really has the full package from the style, vocals, melodic anthems right down to the almost theatrical Alt rock performance they put on for their fans. The female Skarlett’s range is impressive and powerful, backed up by the boys to compliment the sound and push it that bit further. Skarlett Riot still remain to be one of the best local live band performances I have witness and believe me I have witnessed quite a lot.

The energy and atmosphere they stir up in a room leads to a great gig experience even for someone that maybe wouldn’t usually listen to alternative music.Their tunes are infectious and stay with you even after you have left with your ears ringing and sweat dripping down your forehead.

Skarlett Riots new EP and merch is now available via Itunes & amazon!

untitled Check out their latest video release on Youtube. The band regularly get airplay on BBC Introducing/Kerrang radio and video play requested on Scuzz TV. Kerrang has also just rated and reviewed their new EP so check that out.

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