Theatre Review // The Duck Egg Theatre Company – Peter Pan

Scunthorpe Nights were invited along to review the brand new family musical, ‘Peter Pan’, adapted from the J.M. Barrie classic by award winning playwright Haley Cox with music by Phil Collingwood, it deals with themes of small town mentality, youth aspiration and the challenges of following your dreams. The musical was performed by The Duckegg Theatre Company, a Social Enterprise with it’s roots North Lincolnshire, dedicated to the creation of brand-spanking new writing with young people at its heart.

The set is simple but very versatile for it’s purpose. The use of the shop doors for casting shadows works really well throughout the show. Using such simple tricks as hand actions to imitate a crocodile and the simulation of Peter Pan and Wendy flying through the sky. And the sound effects created by the on stage cast members just showed you don’t always need fancy effects to impress.

It was simply a great performance so well staged and written. It was a great modern twist on a panto classic. We liked the fact the story had a double meaning. It’s quite clever how it works really. The character Peter who works at Priceland is planning to move away to London to run away and become a star and stay young and carefree, so then obviously this doubles up into being the actual Peter Pan in the reenactment. Wendy buys her friend Peter a book they used to read as a child, what was that book? Come on you know the answer to this now.

The show starts with the group of Priceland workers all about to go home for the day. Lights out and a little girls crying draws their attention back inside. They find a small girl (a ‘lost’ girl) has been left behind  in the store and they must stop her crying and keep her occupied until her mum arrives to collect her, from this the workers decide to act out the story of Peter Pan. The costumes were improvised as they would be if you were creating a play from nothing in a closed supermarket. The use of a shopping trolley seems endless in this show. It really does leave it upto the imagination and take you back to being a child, when if you believed a cardboard box was your boat, then it really was a boat.1525524_310875429108810_8160388906703139010_n

The humour in the performance is top notch for adults and children alike. There were a lot of giggles from the audience young and old and the Character playing Hook was just naturally a very funny guy with his comments and lines. His sidekick pirate was also brilliant, one guy playing 3 different pirate characters with the use of 3 different hats and accents. To be honest most of the characters were funny and the voice chosen to bring tinkerbell to life got some good reactions. The improvisation of this performance is just so well thought out and we thoroughly enjoyed the show. One more thing that really stood out in this show was that it appeared every cast member could play an instrument, it was great to see them picking up guitars, ukulele, recorders, keyboards and rhythmically beating a cajon.

The cast of the show sang beautifully throughout the performance, harmonising perfectly to project the musical numbers well into the audience

We would definitely recommend watching this or any upcoming Duck Egg Theatre Company shows. We would like to congratulate the cast, writers and all those involved for such an entertaining show and to Haley Cox for inviting us to come along and watch.

The only local date left to catch the show is at BRIGG
Angel Suite, Brigg on the 8th March 2015.

For other dates please see:

Reviewers: Leanne G-M & Casper Croft

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