The Baths Hall // Roller Disco Dates

untitledRoller Disco

If you are bored of the Cinema and bowling then why not visit The Baths Hall. They will be introducing a Roller disco for February. There will be family sessions and over 18’s sessions. When booking your tickets you will notice the price changes depending on the time of the session. Family sessions are priced at £4 and Over 18’s times will be £6. Why not give it ago?…

Mon February 16 2015 11:00AM
Mon February 16 2015 12:30PM
Mon February 16 2015 2:00PM
Mon February 16 2015 3:30PM
Mon February 16 2015 5:00PM
Mon February 16 2015 6:30PM
Mon February 16 2015 9:00PM
Tue February 17 2015 11:00AM
Tue February 17 2015 12:30PM
Tue February 17 2015 2:00PM
Tue February 17 2015
Tue February 17 2015 5:00PM
Tue February 17 2015 6:30PM
Tue February 17 2015 9:00PM
Events take place at The Baths Hall. Tickets are priced £6 for over 18s events and £4 for family events, per person. This includes skate hire. Sessions last one hour unless stated.

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