Food Review // Green Tree Carvery – Hatfield

So we just couldn’t resist another big dinner after the Christmas Dinner stretched our stomachs a few days ago. This time we went a little further a field to experience a place highly recommended for value and taste about 20 mins down the motorway from Scunthorpe.

The Green Tree offers a dinner you can afford to get the whole family around the table. Plus for each adult ordering a roast, they allow a child under 10 to get theirs for free.

We went for the Large, which cost us around £6 this included a choice of slow-roasted gammon, turkey, beef, of course we went for all three meats. Now turkey is never a personal favourite due to its dry texture but the gammon was very succulent and tender and the beef was tasty and thick.
To complement your meat of choice you are presented with two fluffy Yorkshire puds and a pot of stuffing to get stuck into. We also got 2 chipolatas and a Lincolnshire sausage.

After the meat has been carved you can move onto the roast potatoes, freshly steamed veg, hot gravy and your favourite sauces and wow there was a lot of sauces and the good thing is you can top up on gravy, sauces and veg as often as you want. The roast parsnips were a particular favourite of mine as they were sweet and crunchy. The roast potatoes were a little well done as you can see but they were clearly prepared at the pub itself and they were very tasty.

You can opt for a smaller Sunday Carvery, which will only cost you about £3.89. Overall it was good value for money and certainly a plate full. It was more than enough for even the big eaters and for families it is a great option with the kids under 10 eat free offer. It is surprisingly good for a chain pub company.

The staff were polite and very helpful and the feel of the place was very warm and cosy. It was very relaxed. I also liked the fact they gave you a lot of direction on the menus and signs on how the carvery worked in a step by step guide. So we knew whether to pay first and how the process worked rather than standing around and wondering what to do.

Our Rating (5 Out of 5):

Service: ★★★★★
Hygiene: ★★★★★
Price & value for money: ★★★★★
Overall Dining experience: ★★★★★


The Green Tree Inn in Doncaster
Tudworth Road, Hatfield, Doncaster, DN7 6NL
Tel: 01302 840305

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