Facebook have already started to contact individual users about their profiles. Profiles created, which do not use your real name are being eradicated.  This means if you are a group, musician, charity, organisation or even a business your profile may be at risk. The only option Facebook are giving is “We remove your fake profile and turn the friends into page likes, or just deleting it without trace.” Meaning all those friends you have gained are GONE.

Profiles are an essential part of making a Non profit community online work. Without a profile you have no friend, know one to invite and have to revert to posting from your page or personal account. Frankly this sucks. Even slight variations away from your real name may be at risk. I.e a musician might be called Joe Bloggs and have a music profile they use called JoeMusic Bloggs. Facebook then deem this is not a real person therefore you should not be allowed a profile.

It is yet to happen fully yet, but we have heard of a few accounts that have already had this change made. There will also be a decline in page reach, so not only will non-profit pages struggle with adding and finding new people but now the obstacle of getting your page content out there will just become harder unless you are a paying customer.

Facebook have been trying to push you to PROMOTE YOUR POST now for a while, charging daily for you to advertise your post or page. We just can’t afford to do this as we take NO monies what so ever so anything we do. Every poster we make, every event we promote, every review we do is free.

Another change that I believe is meant to be happening now is the aid of using like and share to get people to like your page. We already avoid doing the LIKE OUR PAGE TO WIN. Instead we give away tickets to people who already like our page by telling them to just comment and share.

We hope you will support us and our Non profit news partner www.thescunthorpeindependent.com if these changes do take effect by sharing our page and liking it. Even sharing a post or two helps keep us trending locally. Week on week Scunthorpe Nights hit anywhere from 6,000 to 12,000 local people, we don’t want this to stop.

Also before you think about paying for likes, think again. It may look good but it’s throwing your money away. It is nice to have lots of likes but it’s even nicer when you haven’t paid for it. Also we have just under 2,000 likes but as I have just mentioned we hit up to 12k reach on a good week so reach is not reflected in likes as much as people think. We often share our stats with you to show you that you don’t have to pay money to get heard but you do need a lot of support, sharing and dedication of time. We hope the changes don’t hurt Scunthorpe Nights and other local organisations too much but we aren’t going anywhere.

Last week we were 115 likes away from reaching 2000, why did we want 2,000? Well the start of next year marks the birth of Scunthorpe Nights when it started on twitter. We wanted to hit 2,000 to celebrate this. But an overwhelming support from the general public and a lot of posting on our part we are about 12 likes away from hitting it.

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