Review// Recruits, The Carnabys, Racing Glaciers

wpid-img_26126382805748.jpegFriday night 2 of The Scunthorpe Nights team attended the Get Your Haircut! Promotions event at The Lincoln Imp. The event was in association with the Mapped Out Program, a scheme set up by Art Council England to support development of artistic talent in the UK. Bringing quality bands from around the country to local venues.

There was a decent sized crowd in attendance, which was great to see and always adds to the atmosphere. As always with the Imp, the sound and lighting was perfect. The team really know what they’re doing with sound engineering and performance aspect and use decent equipment for a professional set up.

2014-11-14 20.47.32First up on the bill was the only local act of the night, Recruits. Mapped out & Get Your Haircut Promotions always try to include one local act on the line up to show support to the local music scene and give the opportunity to support rising stars of the music industry.

Despite the temporary lack of a bassist due to a band restructure, Recruits demonstrated why they’ve made it to the Scunthorpe Rock Open finals this year. Even with the lack of a bass player the boys powered through and gave a decent and somewhat bouncy performance with energy. Good Luck in the Rock Open guys.

wpid-20141114_213518.jpgHaving travelled from London, second to the stage were The Carnabys. Having caught The Carnabys at their previous visit to the Lincoln Imp, I was keen to see this band again.

Their style of their music is a funky rock sound played adeptly by the musicians, headed with soulful ratpack style vocals bursting forth with emotion,  from a charismatic and energetic frontman leaping around the stage with plenty of powerful foot stomping.  I hope this was not the last visit to the Scunthorpe area from this talented band, they are certainly one to watch.

2014-11-14 22.32.02Headlining the night were Macclesfield’s Racing Glaciers. The band have had a busy year playing gigs around the country, including the Y Not festival.

This indie band play very adeptly and with a lot of passion. Included along with the usual drums, guitars and bass is a small sound desk and keyboard, which adds a bit of depth and interest to the songs.

It was a well organised night and it was good to see some up and coming bands from around the country. Another good show from Get Your Haircut! Promotions. It really helps when the crowd get up close and personal rather than shy away at the back of the room. Music is to enjoy so get closer and build the hype.

Reviewed by Casper Croft
Edited by Leanne G-M

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