Your Feedback

These are a few of the answers we have received from our Scunthorpe Night Survey


Is there a Local event/gig you have attended due to seeing it via Scunthorpe Nights
Gravatar Lots
Gravatar Café Indiependent
Gravatar Yes.
The Carnaby’s at The Lincoln Imp
Gravatar Yeh quite a few actually try to keep an eye out for everything you post.
Gravatar Twisted Wheel at the Light
Gravatar no not yet but sadly I am not really in the age group of your likely target audience for the discos and festivals – I think it is great that you promote all this local talent. I am answering this on a personal level and not really as part of Lincs House.
Gravatar no,but work away
Gravatar Yes, a music gig.
Gravatar Will be doing next week
Gravatar Chris cooper band album lauch at cafe indie
Gravatar no but it’s nice to see them advertised. The ones I’ve been to I was going to anyway
Gravatar B&W showcase & Sanctuary at the light
Gravatar Yes
Gravatar the priory
Gravatar Lot’s – it’s a fantastic resource for finding stuff on in the local area, it’s the most comprehensive place online for local events of all description
Gravatar Skarlett Riot at the Lincoln Imp

How Could We Improve & What Would You Like To See More Of?

 Gravatar Carry on what you’re doing
Gravatar People sharing your stuff more
Gravatar More live music
Gravatar anything that you can continue to do to help us to promote events and to increase the readership and membership of our website, facebook page and twitter. A simple share of a post from someone like yourselves really helps with this.
Gravatar Nothing, my write up you did was spot on and you corrected and made my event sound so much more like it was after the telegraph ruined things.
Gravatar protest events
Gravatar Maybe a small section dedicated to ‘next month’ so people can plan more ahead
Gravatar Not sure
Gravatar can’t think of anything. you do a good job
Gravatar What’s on..
Gravatar Direct links to featured acts web pages/facebook/soundcloud
Gravatar More bars and clubs promoting up and coming talent, people are more attracted to live music.
Gravatar More reviews! The more stuff that’s on there, the more chance of appealing a wider audience

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Volunteer run network to support our local area by showing what it has to offer.

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