New Music // Sticky Bud ‘Take A Stand’

10173744_379817458825840_1344050628502105857_nSticky Bud, AKA Andreas Mappouras is a local multi-genre rapper / emcee / vocalist from the Scunthorpe area. You can find Sticky Bud’s signature vocals on a range of Electronic Dance Music styles, including Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Drumstep, Grime or Electro.

Sticky Bud’s CV as an artist is impressive. The last 10 years has seen him collaborate with music producers globally, including from New Zealand, France and the USA, as well as perform live sets to crowds both locally and nationwide. He Performed at the Party In The Pines festival 2 years in a row, as well as working on 2 EP’s with plans already in the pipeline for a third.

Sticky Bud’s Second EP, The Revolution, is due for release in the near future. The first track. ‘Take A Stand’ has already been released and is available to download for free via Soundcloud.

Take A Stand is a Hip Hop track, produced by and featuring B.DVINE, an American artist who has previously  produced tracks for Soloman Child of the Wu-Tang Clan, and has collaborated on tracks with artists such as Tradgedy Kadafhi, and 50 Cent’s producer, Vedo.

The track ‘Take A Stand’ has earned a good reception on both sides of the Atlantic,  having already received airplay on radio stations in the USA.

And DON’T FORGET….Sticky Bud’s first EP, Lights Are Out, is still available to download for FREE over on his Facebook HERE.

Sticky Bud can also be found on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Instagram.

We’ll keep you posted when The Revolution EP has a release date, and look out for a review when it’s released.

Article By Casper Croft

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