Album Review // The TripDown Project ‘Post Modern Delay’


The TripDown Project are an Alternative Rock Band from the North of England who carry some Epic melodies , loud Guitars, thundering drums and intense bass lines. They add a modern twist to the classic rock.

Their main influences are Biffy Clyro, Muse, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, The Beatles, Supergrass, Incubus and 70’s rock. Their music actually takes me back more to the early 2000’s of the bands you would find on a Kerrang best of album.

The boys have just recently returned from their European tour to promote the new album release ‘Post Modern Delay’. They sent Scunthorpe Nights a copy to sample and it’s some music to move to. From first impressions of the album at first glance it instantly impresses you with it’s shiny plastic case and professionally printed inlay/booklet and disc. They certainly haven’t done things by halves when it’s come to presenting their album, which is quite nice to see as in this day and age most music sale transactions are done through the popular online music stores. There’s just something quite satisfying about owning a physical copy sometimes, even though it’s less of a space saver for those with large collections.

The tracks are loud, fierce and fast but doesn’t lay in the category of heavy metal.This album is energetic and builds the hype you would expect to experience at a buzzing gig. A particular favourite of mine from the album would be their newest single ‘The Great Kill’, as it gets right into the catchy lyrics and the cymbals racing fast pace. Another one that also stands out ‘Bodyhammer’ I like the bass intro which leads to the full wrath of the guitar and drums. Why not check the out and see for yourselves, I always find it quite difficult to explain music as I think music.. (wait for the cliche) “Music speaks louder than words”.

The band are well established and full of experience, they know their sound and they know what music they love. Even though their sound is clearly new and current, it’s also old-skool. If you listen to the tracks it takes you back in time to another era of sound.

Along side a successful and touring vibrant Alt rock band these guys have their own recording studio on the way out to Lincoln. It is a little different in surroundings to some studios and very peaceful, outside the studio obviously.  Tripdown Studios

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Tripdown Studios

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