Interview//The Scunthorpe Rock Revolution This Saturday

ROCKREVBANNERWe tried to drum up some interest in the form of Scunthorpe ALT Scene on Facebook and show there was a demand for more of an Alternative/Rock/Metal night in Scunthorpe town centre. In the hope this would trigger you (The public) to step forward and show your interest.

So if you are fed up of with the lack of excitement in Scunthorpe town centre at the weekend with venues not catering to your tastes in music, this could be right up your street as we have been saved a job in the form of Mike Thorpe. Who has booked in bands and an alternative disco rolled into one at Cafe INDIEpendent.

We fully support this venture and can’t wait to attend. No silly prices as this event will only set you back £3. The event will be held on Saturday November 15th from 7:30pm.
This will hopefully be the first of many new nights at Cafe Indie aiming to spawn a new cultural movement and artistic/musical community. Providing bands and a disco bringing you a great Rock/Indie/Alternative/Metal disco and Bar at low cost. P.S if you think the word disco is cheesy, forget it, it’s retro.

Scunthorpe Nights admin asked Mike Thorpe the organiser of the night some questions:

How long have you been planning to launch something like this and who is organising it?

“Ever since Cafe Indie opened I have thought that it was a great venue that was begging for a regular rock night that would appeal to people that have maybe stopped going out in Scunny due to the lack of alternative to Henry’s/Bamboogy etc.”

“I really believe it’s a great place that could become the hub of all musical/artistic/nightlife activity. I basically think it would be great to have somewhere like the old Baths Hall where like minded people can meet on a regular basis. I figured rather than sit around moaning I should get off my arse and do it myself. I’m pretty much organising it with a bit of help from my band The Erotic Politicians and also my mates in Best Reptile. It was mainly just because we’re both fairly new bands (but all veterans of the old scunny scene) and wanted to take advantage of a new venue in town – but then I started thinking we could hopefully turn it into THE venue in Scunthorpe.”

Why do you think Cafe INDIE will be the best place to try kick start your rock revolution?

“I think the fact that Cafe INDIE is new and going out of it’s way to let anyone get involved and have a go is pretty inspirational. I love the idea of everyone digging in and building a community of creative people who want to start a totally new vibe in Scunthorpe.

This place has been needing it for so long and really deserves it but I guess it’s up to everyone and anyone to do it. I’ve lived in Manchester and Sheffield and it makes me realise how isolated and neglected the North East is for cultural stuff. Basically there’s no reason we shouldn’t have good stuff here! Oh yeah…basically it’s a great venue. It’s spacious, inviting and has a good downstairs/stage area with good acoustics!”

What is it you miss most about the lack of alternative nights, that have slowly disappeared over the years?

“The thing i miss most is having somewhere you can go every weekend where you feel like you belong and that will cater to your tastes that may be considered ‘alternative’ i guess. the majority of my long lasting friendships have been forged through music and that all took place at a place like the Baths Hall. There was a sense of camaradarie and community there and it would be great to have that back.It would also be awesome to create that opportunity for young people coming up who are into music and playing in bands etc.”

What will be different about this night in comparison to the other nights in the town centre?

“Hmmmm, not to disrespect anyone else but I personally think that the current stuff in Scunny is too disparate and not consistent enough.

Events seem to be dotted all over the place in unsuitable venues and consist of too many bands. This is first and foremost going to be an indie/alt/rock/metal disco night for people to come and hang. The bands are secondary really, hopefully we’ll eventually just have two bands on at a time so you can check them out and hopefully discover some new stuff but if you don’t like them you can just wait half an hour and then get your groove & drink back on.

Indie Friday’s at Abacus definitely have the right idea. People should check that out too. Hopefully this event at Cafe Indie will become more regular and I personally think the venue is better suited to that kind of thing.”

What would you say to people who don’t agree there is enough of a scene for a night like this to work and how successful do you think it will be?

“Haters are gonna hate lol. My attitude is that the population of scunny is about 73,000 and there’s two colleges here. The audience must be out there somewhere. it certainly used to be . I don’t expect this to be a massive success straight off the bat, I think it just needs perseverance and time to build up steam and gain a reputation. I genuinely think if people realize there’s a regular good quality night then it will eventually be successful. To be honest my definition of success is just getting through a gig haha.”

The first event will be featuring live music from:

The TripDown Project – Epic melodies , loud guitars, thundering drums and technology add a modern twist to the classic rock trio!

The TripDown Project

The Erotic Politicians – Eclectic, Psychedelic, Hard Rock.

The Erotic Politicians

Best Reptile – New alt rock project from Ex-Shuriken Scunthorpe legends. (As they are a new project I can’t find any footage or tracks so…instead you can have some nostalgia in the form of Shuriken “18th Emergency”.

Having seen Tripdown Project on many occasions and the pleasure of hearing The Erotic Politicians at a private party, you are in for a treat. And for those of you who remember the days of Scunthorpe Rock Nights you have to remember Shuriken so this new project could be interesting, they were one of my personal favourites back on the old scene of Scunthorpe Alternative nights.


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