Gig Review// Bridge The Gap Tour


On Saturday 8th November we wandered down to Café Indie to watch part 2 of the Bridging The Gap Tour, a set of three shows collecting together three of the best original bands in the region from north and south of the river.

It was held upstairs amongst the retro lampshades in the acoustic corner. The sofas and chairs were set out for the audience with tall candles on the tables. A set up made for people who have come to listen rather than dance, perfect for this sort of gig.

The evening began with the Happy Endings a 4-piece from Kingston upon Hull. Made up mainly by members of the Fee family, with Emma on Vocals and Guitar (Emma Fee is also a solo artist in her own right), Rachel on guitar and vocals, Adam lead guitar and Michael Jessop on the Cajon. Their songs were melodic, captivating, filled with hope and longing, some sadder, some more stirring just beautiful really. Perfect for the candlelit venue. With 3 guitarists I couldn’t quite tell who was playing the acoustic solos or even if they all were playing them but they were a personal highlight for me.

The second of the three bands; The Finest Hour from Cleethorpes brought what I would describe as a mixture of acoustic punk and folk rock. It was the perfect second course accompaniment to the Happy Endings delicate starter. Not brash but catchy. The rockiness of the electric guitar tempered by a folky style, really enjoyable. The three of them, Rob Bywater on Vocals and Guitar, Sam Simmons on Guitar and Vocals and Iain Carpenter on Drums finished their set with a fantastic cover of the Rolling Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

As it was the Scunthorpe leg of the tour The Chris Cooper Band rounded things up. I’ve seen them a few times before, and they’re always good, but I think this was a stand out performance. Simon Barley’s keys really came through working with Chris Cooper’s and Daz Ebbatson’s guitar lines to create that atmospheric wistful but driven signature CCB sound. Jack Spence and Gav Mcarthur provided the rhythm section on Bass and Cajon. They had two hard acts to follow but they just weaved their magic did their thing and it was a superb ending to the best gig I’ve been to in a long time.

Well done to the groups for coming up with the idea of this mini tour. They each complemented the others style really well and because they are all on the same sort of level, it was an event that maintained a level of high quality throughout. So a great weekend with three original bands and a trilogy of gigs (original trilogies are always better you know). I really hope they arrange to do this again soon.

(Please check out the links to the bands. They all have music of some kind available to buy and plenty of shows coming up.)


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