Scunthorpe Nights are teaming up with SMB Management for a gig Collaboration.

Reserve 20th December in your diary as we bring you a gig special.

We have kept behind the scenes for over a year now helping others promote their music and event efforts but as we near two years of offering you free and non profit help, advice, designs and promotion we think it’s about time.

We had a success with Our first ever event as Scunthorpe Nights back in 2013 at The Wortley House Hotel saw our Black & White Party sell out and even got a  full page article published in Inspire Magazine about it. See Photo Gallery

Read more about other previous one off events we have done here.

We like our smaller intimate venues and especially ones built for the purpose of enjoying music. The identity of the event and the line up we have will be released soon. But assuming if you look up SMB Management on Facebook you may guess one band at least. There’s a venue in particular bands keep asking to play in the town centre and as we like to help as much as possible, Here we go 🙂

We will be back over the weekend with more info on this event. #AlterEgo or #SupportYourScene if you can’t find it.


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