We are always on the look out for people who have an hour or two spare now and then and enjoy writing and reviewing. Scunthorpe Nights is a purely voluntary service.

If you want to review a bands latest video, album, track or maybe a live review of something you’ve seen or aim to go see please get in touch. There is no pressure or deadlines to guest reviewers so you can do it as and when it suits you.

If you do decide to write a review or a few, we will send you your stats to show you how many people enjoyed your article.

Reviews and articles are important as it keeps content interesting and up to date. It helps local people know what is on offer and helps support local events, charities, bands and public.

It doesn’t matter what your interests or you age is, we welcome some diversity to reviewing whether your into the arts and music or you prefer film and theatre. You can even review your dinner out at a local venue if you thought it was particularly good. Share your experiences and voice your opinions on things that matter to you.

We also like photos, so any local photographers want to become part of the Scunthorpe Night photo catalogue for use of your images on our media and articles, with credit of course then get in touch. We are looking at setting up a share point for you to send us any photos you think relevant to Scunthorpe & Scunthorpe Nights. Sometimes we need an image of a place or a subject and we would prefer a local source of local photographers. Please include a watermark on your images as we can not protect them against others using them even when stated (Copyright of).

If you are interested in writing a review now and then or even a one off you can inbox us via Facebook or twitter or use the form below to contact us.

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