Much interest has been shown over the past week in the idea of a NEW Alternative Disco in town. We have been running a survey to find out what you want. Please let us know your opinions.

Venues most mentioned have been The Baths Hall and Cafe INDIEpendent. The only problem with these venues is for a disco purpose is size and cost. There would be no disco lighting and built in DJ system in a such venue as Cafe INDIEpendent meaning the money would have to come from somewhere to start this voluntarily organised night. And the Baths Hall would be a large area to fill.

Abacus have shown interest in offering a Friday as an option with a selection of available dates but the rule (If it is not busy enough it ends at 11pm and normal club music starts).

We urge any venues interested in this night to please step forward so we can consider all options and venues. We don’t want to do things by halves. This type of event has to be done right. Chances are the trial won’t be perfect but it gives room for suggestion and improvement on future events. Ideally it would be great to move the bi-monthly/monthly disco around venues in town that suit the genre.

If you would attend or like to be involved in making it happen. Please join the new community.

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