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On Sunday 5th October at Bar Encore on Doncaster Road Scunthorpe there will be a festival of sorts. A reunion of sorts, of the acts and bands that have performed at the Encore Sunday Club and had a hand in making it and the Scunny music scene what it is today. Its not all of the Scunny scene by no means and its not all of the acts that have played Sunday Club, I’m not saying that, you could add a serious amount of other quality local bands to the list, but I don’t do the booking I just do the writing. Now this is a little complicated because there are two Sunday evening music events at the moment which both sprung from the same source. Not going to get into why hah, its before my time, and I don’t really know the story. But it would be fair to say any praise for Sunday music in the rest of the article can be applied equally to the organisers of Abacus Sunday Sessions and Sunday Club. as they were all there at the start and continue to do what they do.

Martin Morgan being… entertaining.

It starts at 6pm and finishes around 2am, This is the order of play, first to last, of the acts as shown on the poster. (Everyone’s name is a link to their website or Facebook page so click away and check them out…

Ashley Palmer
George Burkhill
Martin Morgan
Nick Akester (Hi there)
Lizzie Goddard
Iain Daniel
Ramble Gamble
The Chris Cooper Band

Now you might think hold on Nick you never played at Sunday Club before it changed so why are you on the bill. No I didn’t that’s true. That’s why I’ve been asking the other folks on the bill for their thoughts, photos and stories. And to be fair my first two gigs were Sunday Sessions first session and then Encore a couple of weeks later. Its where I started, where I was given my first chance. I can’t say how much I appreciate the opportunity they gave me back then (and how nice about how crap I was they were haha). But if you’re an aspiring musician and you want your first break, go speak to them I have no doubt they will help you out.

I believe Sunday Club was started by a guy called Mark Booth who I’ve never actually met but its only right I give him credit here for what he started. I think he went travelling the world and recently came back for “BoothFest” at Abacus a similar sort of thing to the Reunion festival.

Matt Hercock – being accepted for being a bit weird

One musician Matt Hercock (of Ramble Gamble and The Invisible Band) speaks of how Sunday Club was the first place that he performed where he felt comfortable playing his own songs. And that they got a good reception and Matt’s a great performer he’s been asked back many times since. If this doesn’t speak for Sunday Music’s openness (Matt’s song Gnomeo is a song about him giving sweet lovin’ to a garden gnome, if you see what I’m saying) and welcoming nature and the appreciation and support of local talent that you find at Sunday night music events in Scunthorpe then I don’t know what does.

Ashley Palmer – Hope that’s make up.

When I asked about memories another musician Ashley Palmer (Solo artist and member of The Summits) says he was there for the very first one which was Hawaiian themed. He says he got totally trollied and passed out on the floor (by 8pm!) and cant remember it. So, so much for memories. However, asking around, Ash getting so wasted is most other peoples favourite memory. He also says, and this was repeated a lot, that he met a lot of friends and other musicians through Sunday Club and they’re still friends to this day. People have found confidence and inspiration from Sunday music. They’ve heard great bands. They’ve formed great bands. Sunday Music is responsible for a lot and has a lot to be proud of.

Recently there has been a waning of support on a Sunday night (and at other events around town) but there was a meeting of Scunthorpe’s Promoters and Musicians and Venues last Wednesday and the clash of the two Sunday night music events came up. Scunthorpe Nights was there and it sounded like positive changes were being made and steps were being taken in the right direction. Its early days but if there is a way to create busy, quality, regular music nights then hopefully we can find it. It will benefit promoters, musicians and gig-goers alike because if everyone enjoys it, and remembers what a good night they had then they’ll come back. And then you wont have to worry about it, the scene will sustain itself. If this means less gigs but better gigs then that’s the way to go if you ask me for my personal opinion. We”ll see what happens.

So on Sunday from 6pm come down and support your local scene and be proud of whatReunion Fest Scunny is doing not just at Encore but to name just a few at Abacus, The Lincoln Imp, Cafe Indie, Baths Hall and all the other local pubs and clubs that put on decent live music.

 Article by Nick.A

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