Submit Now// Write Us A Poem

In the spirit of the new event “SPOKEN WORD” at Cafe INDIEpendent on the 13th September. Here at Scunthorpe Nights we thought we would see if you (Our followers) have a way with words.

Now don’t be shy, Your name will not be disclosed if you submit the form and state Anon or leave name blank obviously. If you have a few minutes on your phone at dinner or maybe you’re bored at night why not have a go at submitting a poem. All poems will be published on our website providing they are non offensive and we receive enough submissions.

If you get carried away, send as many as you like.

Remember Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, It can be serious or it can be funny, we really don’t mind if it’s a joke as long as you gave it a go.

If you can’t think of a topic there’s some below or you can pick your own. Please Include a title for the poem. All submissions go straight to our inbox so don’t worry about it going public with your name. Alternately if you don’t mind your name on show then just comment your poem below.

Pick a topic to be poetic about:

  • Scunthorpe
  • A matter you care about
  • An experience you or someone you know has had
  • Community/People
  • Music
  • Random Thoughts




This is just a bit of fun,interaction & participation. And for some of you who may have a hidden talent to discover it. 🙂


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