Album Review: The Struts- Everybody Wants

the-struts-everybody-wants-2014-art-636-636x375My personal favourite, which I believe has the most rhythmic and catchy lyrics and punchy chorus would have to be the song ‘Could Have been me’. The full vocals on the track simulates the crowd singing the lyrics back at front man Luke. When you listen to this track in particular you can see yourself in the crowd shouting it back. I have been lucky enough to catch this moment in real-time and I can safely say it’s as good live as it is recorded.

The track ‘She makes me feel’ reminds me a bit of an earlier Kooks feel either that or the tingles on drums and happy whistles take you back to the 70’s.

Another favourite ‘Where did she go’ again another sing along anthem.You can feel every hit of the drums throughout the song and it highlights the vocals perfectly.Right from the start of the song when listening through your headphones you can see the crowd in your mind, hands in the hair, fist punching the air.

Albums can sometimes get boring,but this album, I can’t say any song bores me or I dislike any track. Just clear favourites.

The songs ‘Put Your Money on me’ and ‘Kiss This’ are another two strong contenders for the most infectious. The songs can’t be confused to sound like each other on this album, each and every song is different, different pitches, vocal variations, rhythm, drums and they all manage to keep it upbeat. ‘Kiss This’ is a track I would compare to sounding a little like the band ‘Jet’, which I have seen them compared to but I wouldn’t say there are really any other similarities other than this songs sound.

You can’t fault the tight form of the band and the skill level of all members.The backing vocals on the tracks really support and pad out the tracks, not that Luke’s voice needs any back up or help to overpower the sound of the band because that is defiantly no trouble for him. The heavy shredding and variation of sounds that come from the guitar is pretty impressive and the bass is strong.

In my personal opinion the music scene needed a band like this to break through and as it stands it looks like they are doing just that. They have such a strong set of songs and they bring a sense of the Glam rock era back to the modern world of music. Luke Spiller the front of stage carries off his long hair and 70’s flares better than most, strutting and owning the stage and his crowd.He has a cocky flamboyance about him but this makes him interesting to watch.This band can defiantly not be accused of being ignorant to their audience as they make you feel a part of their show often with audience participation.

Even if indie is more your thing, or you don’t really like bands at all.This band has the ability to grab your attention and get you hooked on at least one of their top tracks.For the first release they certainly prove they have what it takes to become the rock stars on the present & future that they have the potential to be.

Sep 01
London, United Kingdom
Oct 19
Sound Control
Manchester, United Kingdom
Oct 21
London, United Kingdom
Oct 23
The Cockpit 3
Leeds, Uk
Oct 24
East Village Arts Club
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Oct 26
King Tuts Wah Wah Hut
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Oct 27
York Fibbers
York, United Kingdom
Oct 29
Sunflower Lounge
Birmingham, United Kingdom
Oct 31
The Cookie
Leicester, Uk
Nov 01
Lennons Nightclub
Southampton, Uk

Album Rating: 4/5 Stars ☆☆☆☆


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