Review – Scotterfest 2014

Its summer, its a Sunday afternoon and the sun is indeed shining. So what else do you need? I’ll tell you what you need… Parrots… Massive Parrots…

…And live music, quality live music, maybe a bouncy castle, candy, a bbq, a tombola, beer, good friends. All this and more and you’ve got what was Scotterfest 2014. Held at the 1889003_1447788785490294_2372497936992696453_oSun & Anchor in Scotter on 27th July. It was all done to raise money in support of The Manor Care Home. Its a bit of a reviewers nightmare having to write about a load of bands at the same time because you’ve got to try and find a different way of saying “they were good” for each act. (and they all were good). I’ll have a go anyway. As always each of the bands names are links to their official Facebook pages.

Opening up was Matt Hercock and his (Visible) Invisible Band in the shape of Mr Jack Spence on the drums. Truly excellent musicians both and a bit of a treat really to get them as openers. A bit of Elvis a bit of Paulo Nutini, the perfect start. Second was Rachel Cooksey accompanied by Mr Jack Spence, but this time he’s playing guitar. Rachel’s soulful voice drifted over the crowd, a nice little chill out session at the beggining of the afternoon. Next up was me Nick Akester, I’m not going to say anything about me except, thanks for giving me a chance Chris, the crowd were great and I was glad I decided to play my own songs in the end because thankfully they seemed to like them. Following after me was Young Knights, three immensely talented lads, did a great version of Little Lion Man by the Mumfords. I think its hard enough singing and playing guitar at the same time but the lead singer was playing a bass drum and high hat with his feet at the same time as both those. I think Iain Daniel was next. I like Iain he is a fantastic showman and a fantastic guitarist, and normally he swears a bit but this was a family friendly event and he did himself proud. Great Set mate!

I’ve just realised the10459009_1447793468823159_1018049485710246490_o running order I got sent before the day, the one I’m referring to isn’t what happened on the day haha. So if I get a couple out of sequence sorry. Next up (possibly) was Grace and The Undercovers, a well known and much respected band in the area. Grace had all the moves and the band rocked along with her and the crowd. Loved their version of Rocks Off by Primal Scream. Following Grace was Rachel Lewis a hard-working songwriter with a belting voice. Respect anyone who can do. You’ve Got The Love and come even close to the Florence version. Excellent. The 8th (probably) band of the day was Duke & the Daisy playing a mix of covers Van Morrison, Johnny Cash, classic stuff and their own compositions, two of which are currently in the final of a national song-writing competition. You can always see the crowds honest affection for these two. The next two bands were Lizzie Goddard and Twisted Revolution, I think it was that way round. Lizzie gets better every time I see her, playing a mix of covers and her originals which also grow better and better each time I hear them and they were already good. Twisted Revolution were consummate as ever beginning with Come Together and nailing one of my favourite songs of all time Dirty Old Town by The Pogues.10275392_1447790522156787_7729896711887315092_o

Stay with me we’re nearly there. Up stepped the mighty Ramble Gamble, did what they do so well, a band of misfits with an abundance of folk and soul. Brilliant. They then morphed into Martin & the Entertainers. With the ineffable and energetic Welsh man geeing up the festival with his unique brand of covers and his devastating medley ending in the well known refrain of Hey Jude… Na na na na-na na na… Always goes down well. The head-liners were The Summits and this was to be their last ever gig with university commitments stopping them from continuing as they were. But with a bit of Stereophonics, Oasis, and oh yes The Quo they got themselves a double encore so perhaps a good way to end it all.

Well done Chris for bringing it all together there were a few hiccups as their always is but at the end of a wonderfully sunny day it was all for a good cause and everyone really enjoyed themselves, what more can you ask for. So here’s looking forward to next year Scotterfest 2015 (using the same facebook page just follow the link)

Chris would like to extend his thanks to the following – (just click any name for a link to each)

Martin Morgan for hosting the day, cowboy hat and all.

Steve & Martin of Enforce Specialist Security Solutions and there Boss Simon Fisher for providing gate security

The House of Bounce from Kirton Lindsey for the Bouncy Castle, Hook-a-Duck and the sweet stall

Paddy Beggs and his Ice Cream Stand.

Rebecca Cross of Allsorts Childrens Entertainers for face painting and glitter tattoos

Gizmo Blue and Gold Macaws (The Massive Parrots)

Chris Moffat for doing the sound and also taking photos.

Bob Riach of Jigsaw Photography for photos

Simon Frankish of Henry’s for the crowd control Barriers

Manor Care Home for the Cake Stall and Tombola

And of course all the bands for their time.


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