Review//Video: Alessa’s Nowhere @ Lincoln Imp

Saturday evening we were invited to the American Frat Party hosted by Xplosiv! promotions at the Lincoln Imp.  Not listed on the original lineup but filling in for Native Braves due to their Tramlines slot was Alessa’s Nowhere. A solo performer from Manchester, originally from the Scunthorpe/Winterton area.

First impressions of the setup were fantastic, inciting intrigue into what we were going to hear, due to the equipment setup – A Macbook pro, small sound desk, midi controllers, an electric guitar and range of pedals, all for a solo artist.

2014-07-26 21.38.13

Taking to the stage, it was evident the sound of Alessa’s Nowhere is much bigger than that of a solo act, achieved through backing tracks composed by the performer, using a mix of instruments, synths and drum loops, whilst playing guitar and singing along with the tracks.

Alessa’s Nowhere’s music has an 80’s synth / electric  feel to it. I would liken the sound to that of Simple Minds, Gary Numan or The Cure with the performer looking a little like a young Robert Smith.

The music was well-played and in time with the backing tracks and vocals were spot on. Despite being alone on the stage which can be quite daunting, the combination of the full band sound and the performers personality shone through and he easily earned his place on the stage amongst the other full bands that took to the stage that night.

It was refreshing to see another new act in the Scunthorpe area, especially one that is interesting to watch and incorporates a bit of technology. We hope to see Alessa’s Nowhere return to the area again soon.




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Written by Casper Croft

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