Live Review: New Alt Rock Band ‘Recruits’

New North Lincolnshire Alternative Rock band ‘Recruits’ took to the Lincoln Imp stage at the weekend for the All day American Frat Party hosted by Xplosive Promotions. Where there were red cups,american decor, rollover hot dogs and a bouncy castle.

Having not had chance to see the new band ‘Recruits’ perform until now and Alt rock being my preferred live music  choice I was looking forward to hearing them.

Band Members:
Steve Dean Smith – Vocals
Ben Yarrow – Lead Guitar
Eddie Vessey – Rhythm Guitar
Keiran Timmis – Bass Guitar
Jonno Smith – Drums

From the outset very pleasing and friendly stage presence and crowd interaction. It was a tough night to perform as the room was so hot that any band performing did well to keep going. But they didn’t let this get in their way. They started their set with a new take on the Ed Sheeran song ‘Lego House’. Which is always nice, I enjoy seeing bands take a cover song and completely change it into something else.

Their enthusiasm was great and the lead vocalist had a brilliant voice. A band can be technically tight and have a good set but having a talented singer is what sets you apart from the rest.

The guys then went through a setlist of their own songs and being a relatively new formation ran out of songs when the crowd wanted an encore but everyone was happy enough to listen to the Ed Sheeran cover once more.

Here is a quick video we took

The fanbase is already growing for ‘Recruits’ and the list of gigs they are being booked for you can find them on facebook here

Manager Sam Broadbent for bookings –

About The Band:

Recruits are a newly formed alternative rock band from the North Lincolnshire/Humberside area. The band started from two of their members (Ben Yarrow and Adam Harrison) ex Lead Guitarist and Drummer from a former North Lincolnshire band “A Promise Worth Keeping”.

When APWK decided to stop playing music together as a band Ben and Adam took it into their own hands to start a new band and continue to gig around Lincolnshire whilst writing original songs, however this needed help from other musicians to form another band to reach these goals. They gathered help from Eddie, Keiran and (eventually) Steve, and thus the new band, Recruits was formed. Blending a mix of soft acoustics, punchy verses and catchy chorus’ Recruits are bringing a new sound to the table of Scunthorpe’s music scene!

The band started writing original material in April and released their debut single Right Words on the 11th May 2014, which received a very positive reception from listeners. Towards the end of May, the band made a collective decision to ask Adam to leave the band for a number of reasons/issues that were holding the band back. After gaining a new drummer, Jonno and shortly appointing a Manager, Sam; the band started to take off properly.

The band are now continuously gigging across Lincolnshire/Yorkshire, both acoustically and as a full band, and have some big shows planned at each end of the country. Recruit’s debut EP is in the final stages of being produced and is scheduled to be released by the end of 2014!

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