Local Duo ‘The Duke & The Daisy’ Through To The Finals

Local duo talented singer-songwriters and performers ‘The Duke and The Daisy’ are in with a chance of winning the £10,000 prize, an album release and a priceless platform for their music, in a unique competition by The Convent, dubbed The Song 2014.

Event organised by The Convent.

Musicians who are fed up with formulaic, televised talent contests are in with a chance of winning. This competition is dubbed an ‘anti Voice-Factor’, the exciting competition is giving real songwriters a shot at getting their music produced and heard.

The unique format saw bands & solo artists enter two original songs, with the most talented acts being shortlisted going on to perform live in front of a studio audience, which was broadcast across the globe through Netgig. The Duke & The Daisy went live last night and for those people who bought a ticket, shared a status or wished them good luck I’m sure they are very grateful as they made it to the FINAL!

We are through to the finals of !!!! We are so overwhelmed THANK YOU so much to everyone who voted can’t thank you enough!!

The competition lets real music fans decide who wins by voting online, with the coveted prize including £5,000 cash; £5,000 worth of studio production time and artwork for an album; an edited version of their winning performance being uploaded to the Netgig archive; a profit-share of all paid-for downloads; and an album release on Convent Records.


We wish the duo the best of luck for the final and we ask that you ‘the public’ keep supporting them. These two are constantly pushing local music. Both Bash & Charlie work very hard at their music to be honest it seems like they have a new song written every week. They have been busy recording and writing and put so much dedication into their music.


2 thoughts on “Local Duo ‘The Duke & The Daisy’ Through To The Finals”

  1. Great write up and very well deserved nice to see the abundance of local support they have received too 🙂


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