Review – Funny Scunny Grand Final


Its been a long journey. We’ve laughed, we’ve laughed inappropriately, we’ve laughed because its not funny as much as it was and we’ve seen some genuine talent. The Funny Scunny Grand Final at The Baths Hall on the Thursday the 27th June was the culmination of the previous 3 knock-out heats. And the billing was absolutely spot on. The judges got it right. The performance order was as such Ed Carfrae, Daniell Audritt, Jack Gleadow, Just Simon, Insane Elaine, Mark Dobbs and Jed Salisbury. They were all good in there own way – Ed Carfrae’s rapport and in your face ad libbing; Daniel Audritt’s polished delivery and excellent one liners (he was my personal favourite); Jack Gleadow’s endearingly awkward energy and Chuckle Brothers skits; Just Simon’s honest geek humour; Insane Elaine’s raw tales and Barnsley banter (I laughed at one of her jokes more than any other, full creaser, it was disgustingly funny); Mark Dobbs’ carefully constructed gags and bonhomie, even more impressive for his newness to stand up, you couldn’t tell. And Jed Salisbury’s stage pLloydresence, storytelling and love of the Chav.

x_Lloyd Griffith
Lloyd Griffith

They did their bits, it was well worth turning up for. And then while the judges decided the winner we were treated to a half hour plus of Lloyd Griffith a professional comedian who has performed on the BBC and at the Edinburgh Festival. And it was a treat, he was superb. No disrespect to the other performers but he was on another level, something to work towards. I urge anyone to go see him. I urge the Baths to book him for a full show. I will come along. He told stories, he told jokes and he did something unique. Lloyd Griffith is a Counter-tenor, as in a full amazing choirboy singer and he used it in his act with absolutely hilarious consequences. He mixed it up with the audience, asking the front table what they did for living expecting maybe I don’t know a shop assistant or a tyre mechanic, only to be astonishingly confronted by a guy who was a genuine jet pilot, the exchange between the two was a one off, not to be repeated piece of genuine brilliance but that’s why live comedy with a top comedian who can adapt to situations is so good. Well done Baths for booking Lloyd.

The judges final decision was to elect Jed Salisbury as the Funny Scunny Champion 2014, he won £400, a trophy and a slot at an upcoming Knock Knock comedy night at The Baths. Go check him out when he returns. Well deserved win. Although we’d just like to say well done to all the participants they were all very funny and entertaining. And massive respect to everyone who entered the heats, it is a brave thing standing up in front of people you’ve never met and trying to make them laugh. Looking forward to next years competition and Baths get Lloyd Griffith booked so we can all come along.


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