Review: Funny Scunny – Heat Three

funny_scunnyOn Friday 13th June, Scunthorpe Nights attended the third and final heat before the Grand Final of Funny Scunny 2014 at The Baths Hall Scunthorpe. Please check out the previous reviews of heats 1 and 2. The layout was the same swish, ambient, with all the tables pointed at the performers. There were seven competitors on the bill this time, half of them comediennes to make a change from the previous heats.

Opening up was Tony Deff, a fella in an England football shirt. His style was blokey type humour there were a few good jokes and one liners in his routine, he got a few laughs, its always difficult opening but he did OK. Next to take the stage was Anne Lawtey a middle aged woman, but don’t make any preconceptions about that, her humour was honest, unafraid and a bit thought provoking. She talked mainly about the new trend of vagina cupcakes. That’s right, cupcakes that look like well… yeah, you know, tell you what, Google them. Following Anne was Mark Dobbs a comedian who I believe had not been doing stand up for too long but came across very well, his manner and the tales he told about his family and getting the snip were endearingly funny. We enjoyed his set. The last act before the interval was Iris Starkey. Her routine was a little unusual, she performed what she called a comedy monologue. It was a sing-song rhyming tale of a wedding gone wrong, complete with fainting vicars and a pregnant bride. I had to admire the feat of memory required to learn it (it was at least 5 minutes) complete with ad libs and the different character voices. The interval didn’t have the playlist shuffle game this time, which I missed. (I wasn’t complaining about it in the heat 2 review, I thought it was a good idea, I don’t mind watching other people being embarrassed, so long as its not me) Following the break James Allen stepped up, who I think has been a host of comedy nights previously. He did a monologue too. Its hard to describe, it was a sort of satirical rhyme and it was filled with lots of local references and “Scunny Jokes”. It was a bit off the wall for me but it was undeniably something unique, something that not many people can do, it was poetic and ingenious and bizarre by turns but entertaining nonetheless. A lady took the stage next: Insane Elaine. I have to admit when I saw that name on the billing it was the act I wanted to see. Elaine hailed from Barnsley, she told no nonsense jokes about blokes and birds and bloomin’ kids today in her Yorkshire accent. She was very funny the “Insane” thing I’m assuming is the sort of nickname given after a night out with her on the town. Finishing up the seventh act was Jed Salisbury. He got the crowd on his side with energy followed by well-written gags, we laughed pretty much throughout his 8 minute show.

The judges decided that as it was so close they would put three of the acts through to the Grand Final instead of two. They were Mark Dobbs, Insane Elaine and Jed Salisbury. All deserved winners in our opinion. So along with those three the line up for the Grand Final of Funny Scunny also includes: Just Simon; Jack Gleadow; Daniel Audritt and Ed Carfrae. This is going to be genuinely good. Now this might well be a Scunny Nights exclusive – The Special Guest Headline Act will be Lloyd Griffith a comedian who has featured on the BBC and at the Edinburgh Festival and regularly performs at the largest comedy clubs in the country.

The Final is being held at The Baths on Thursday 26th June. Tickets are £7 and can be bought from The Baths Hall Website or the Box office or at the Plowright Theatre. I honestly think this is a bargain because I have seen all of the acts previously and I believe you will laugh pretty much continuously all evening. On top of this there is an excellent headline act to enjoy as well. Don’t miss out. We’re really looking forward to it.


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