Gig Review: London Based Girl Band ‘The Kut’

2014-05-31 22.08.09
Images Courtesy of Casper Croft

A little about the band first: The Kut are a girl rock band from London. They have just been recording their new EP with producer James Lerock Loughrey, who has worked with a ton of excellent bands. The girls musical taste includes bands such as White Zombie, Skindred, My Vitriol, Sonic Boom Six. And their main influences are taken from bands like Deftones, L7, Hole, Incubus, Placebo, Nirvana, Faith No More.

The current single ‘No Trace’ has been played out on BBC Introducing and played by Alex Baker on Kerrang! Radio. The video also spent 3 weeks in the Scuzz Most Wanted UK Rock Chart and on their ‘All Stars of Rock’ shows.

The bands members are Maha who is the front girl of the band with her Lead Vocals,Guitar and rock chick blue hair, Alison takes the Bass & backing vocals with her flowing silky locks and smiley and skilled drumstick twizzler Amanda on Drums.

This was The Kuts first time on visiting Scunthorpe, but they seemed to really enjoy it. It was a great atmosphere. The crowd were a little shy at first until the girls got them to come close up and personal and then they rocked out through a set of rhythmic and rocky tunes.

It was brilliant to see the local crowd supporting a band they have never seen before and singing along, some I heard comment that they had watched the girls on youtube previous to the gig, as did I.

The girls have a distinctive sound and vocal to their music and they are a good band to watch live. I particularly love drummer faces and it’s something I tend to look at as drummer get into the music and this drummer was some what different to most faces I see as she really didn’t take the smile off her face. Such enjoyment in her performance. The girls came across pretty sweet on stage even with their rock outset and attitude style.

The Kut commented on stage with “We really love this place, it’s great!.” We hope the girls will return again sometime in the near future to rock out again and show Scunthorpe how girls do it.

Sadly I did not get chance to stick around and meet the girls but I hear from my friends they were lovely, so hopefully next time we may catch them for a quick Scunthorpe Night D.I.Y Interview.

Here are a few quick quotes about the girls we found:

“……Singing sultress Maha has a sly Danielle Dax type of voice that suits the eastern minor keys of The Vision a treat, and if she wasn’t bouncing catawauling cacophony off the wall from her guitar, we daresay there’d be some vampy hand movements, too….. you’ve got yourself one bewitching number”
— Guitar Magazine

“Great find. In parts reminds me of Placebo (which is a great thing and its not to Sleeper / garbage. Already emailed their management about live gigs. Plus its in Club NME Hull top 10 this week.”
— Club NME

“I love the energy that this band has. It’s very exciting to hear new music this good.”
— Pop Garden Radio 1300AM, Florida, USA

“Sure to make a big impression over the atlantic the title track ‘Doesn’t Matter Anyway’ mixes a compelling chorus with crisp and choppy rhythm giving a perfect backdrop to Maha’s snarling but note perfect vocals”
— Strummer Magazine, USA

Check out the video for the track ‘No Trace’ the girls performed this on the night an seemed to be quite a hit with the audience. Well done to the girls and thank you for playing Scunthorpe, we love to see new bands.

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