Gig Review: Puppet Rebellion Live

At the weekend we took a stroll to the first Abacus Indie-Friday’s. We managed to catch Puppet Rebellion’s set as well as the local headliners Chris Cooper Band.

Puppet Rebellion come from Manchester and having only listened to Puppet Rebellion online and watching their current music video. I had become quite familiar with a particular song that stood out called Pirouette. I can’t really explain why this song stands out, a good song just does.

It’s catchy and rhythmic and just makes you want to move around or sing along. They seem to have a sound you can’t really dislike.

You find yourself knowing words to it that you didn’t even really think you knew after a handful of times listening online.

Now obviously they didn’t just perform one song and I’d not heard many of the others before the night but the set was impressive. Their variation of sounds and tracks keeps you interested, it’s safe to say some bands songs are all around the same level and tempo but these guys kept it interesting with an almost Indie to more Alt rock performance especially for their last song in the set.

The lead vocalist is pretty versatile and he can switch it up and turn it down, belt it out and and shout out loud. As well as them sounding good, the bands stage presence, particularly the lead vocals and guitarist. It’s good to see the actual band enjoying their own music and moving around the stage rather than stood static.

If you haven’t already had a listen I recommend searching them on Soundcloud.

Being a Friday night before payday is always a bit of an unexpected turn out but the boys still managed to get us out of our seats to watch along with other audience members who were seeing them for the first time.


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