Pulling The Strings @ Indie Friday’s Manchester Band Puppet Rebellion


Indie-Friday’s have a new home, this friday see’s popular local indie folk band ChrisCooperBand  and solo artist Jay Cressey support upcoming Manchester band Puppet Rebellion. They have that catchy indie sound all indie fans love.

The gig will be priced at £3 on the door at Abacus on Scunthorpe High street this Friday.

Puppet Rebellion were formed in January 2013. The band released an EP in July 2013 called ‘Chemical Friends’ which got plenty of good reviews, there’s some nice quotes below but you should really make your own mind up as to whether or not you like it you can listen to it on SoundCloud or download it from iTunes.

Puppet Rebellion have been busy recording their second EP. It’s called ‘No Means Yes’ and has 4 new songs and a remix. They’ve also made 2 music videos that will be out soon, so you’ll be able to listen to them and also watch them at the same time if you want.

The song Pirouette from the new EP is particularly melodic, from the intro to the end. With it’s distinctive guitar riffs. Also check out the song remix “Chemical Friends (Cai Caslavinieri Remix)”, it really gives a different feel to the music turning what would be ordinarily classed as indie into a more electro/dub feel to it. It’s nice when bands experiment styles and mix their own style with another, it produces a more varied sound for a more enjoyable listen on the EP.

What people say about Puppet Rebellion?

Bleach & Cologne said…

“Puppet Rebellion are destined to be big. Huge. Gargantuan. Gi-frigging-normous. Susan Boyle’s-monobrow massive”

Rock ‘n’ Roll in My Soul said…

“No Means Yes is gravity-defying splendor. Beauty, heartache and love span over five tracks – each superb independently, and as a collective. A record with a punch and then some, Puppet Rebellion seem to be inching dangerously closer to iconic status with their sophomore EP.”

Rock Britain said…

“Puppet Rebellion have a lot of potential and they are unleashing it gradually. The band have so much to offer that we can only guess what to expect from them in the future. This intelligent outfit are as far from being a cliché as it’s humanly possible. If you trust Puppet Rebellion with saving real music, they won’t let you down for sure. After all, one doesn’t drive people crazy with their music within the first year after formation and, most certainly, doesn’t get played during half time at Old Trafford for nothing.”

Scunthorpe Nights


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