Ruen Brothers – New Single – Blood Runs Wild

The first I heard of the Ruen Brothers was in The local paper and its my fault really for making assumptions but I thought they were something they’re really not. Rupert and Henry Stansall make up the band. No their second name is not “Ruen” as a few articles I’ve read have thought. I’m guessing, I could be wrong, but I’m betting Ruen comes from a combination of their first names. They’re from Scunthorpe (a fine place). They’ve interested the likes of Rick Rubin and Zane Lowe and seem destined now for something good.

So what was it I got wrong. I suppose it was the straight-laced nature of the paper that I only really scanned or glanced at and the fresh faced picture of a couple of lads with guitars that I saw. I assumed they were a goody two shoes pop clone. They’re not.

Blood Runs Wild is the first tune of theirs I’ve heard. Within the first 30 seconds of the video I’m being hit by all sorts of influences I’m not prepared for and my naive preconceptions are crumbling like an ill-suited pastry metaphor. My first thought was Roy Orbison… no… Franz Ferdinand no no… Elvis… Elvis you cant do that! I know its only a small part but I think you’ve got to have stones to do anything Elvisy because well he’s the king and you’re not going to get away with it. But I think they get away with it! And its the first reason I rate this song. The second was the video which seems straight forward and then doesn’t do anything complicated but becomes edgy and gives the song and the band credence and integrity. I’m watching it and following the protagonists and thinking “well what have you done that for?” and then “why have you done that? I wouldn’t do that” its like their bloods run wild and they can’t… ah I see what you did there.

Whether the chorus and the rest of the song is a melding of all of the above influences and more, or none, its quite clearly all come together as their own sound. Its original, Its competent, its catchy and I really enjoyed it. A lively rocky retro piece with nods to the greats, it is a little bit pop, but with a definite edge to it. Its an easy 8/10

Here’s their Facebook page check them out – And if like me you’ve not heard them before either check out their song “Aces” as well, its excellent. The beginning and end of the video are long wide shots of Scunthorpe and The Works I tried to find out if the rest of the video was filmed in Scunthorpe I’d love to know if it was, it could have been… But I’m not going to make any assumptions…

Article by Nick Akester


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