BAR & VENUE NEWS // 2020

New “Black Door” Bar opening pushed back The Black Door was set to open very soon in the lower level of the former “Britannia Nightclub”. A date has not yet been confirmed but the delay is said to be down to materials not arriving. Black Door is aiming for a city feel, with food andContinue reading “BAR & VENUE NEWS // 2020”


On Friday 19th June Scunthorpe Nights were invited along to an organised night of Ghost hunting with The Simply Ghosts team. The Team have been nominated for the Soul & Spirit awards 2015 alongside other popular ghost hunters such as Zak Baggins from the US show “Ghost Adventures”. Vote for them here!

Live Music – Ameira: The Final Farewell

Normally I start these with my standard – On this day and this date Scunthorpe Nights went to this event etc. But I can’t this time because it was actually a Scunthorpe Nights event in association with SMB management. We called it AlterEgo. So on Saturday 20th december we didn’t come to you, you came toContinue reading “Live Music – Ameira: The Final Farewell”