Live Music – Ameira: The Final Farewell

Normally I start these with my standard – On this day and this date Scunthorpe Nights went to this event etc. But I can’t this time because it was actually a Scunthorpe Nights event in association with SMB management. We called it AlterEgo. So on Saturday 20th december we didn’t come to you, you came to Scunthorpe Nights. The venue was Cafe Indiependent, the place was full and the line up were 3 top rated alternative bands.image002

Opening the show with furious enthusiasm were Odd Rival a 3 piece from London consisting of Patrick Smith – Bass/Vocals, Chris Smith – Guitar/Vocals, Alastair Batchelor – Drums. These boys don’t do things by halves, they weren’t holding back. I liked their hard edge, lyrics can get lost when you smashing it out but I found their words catchy and involving and there riffs and
arrangements compelling. This was a very good set and I hope they come back up this way because I’d take the opportunity to see them again.


Middle of the bill were Iron Hands. Chris Garbutt (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Shag Goodall (Keys/Guitar), Harry Bullas (Bass), Dan Stephenson (Drums). Local boys with a new image that have been touring the big cities. Not as hard as the previous band but still rocky enough, anthemic in places, captivating, fully entertaining. And man they had some nice instruments to play, the lead singers silver gretsch was beautiful. They were very good headliners in their own right but this day belonged to someone else.
Last up for the last time were Ameira a well-loved band who sadly were splitting to try new things but for one final time they took to the stage to rock their way out. Unfortunately for me (because I wont get another chance) this was the first time I’ve seen them live and I have to say the hype didn’t lie. It was obvious the crowd knew the words. It was obvious the band – Luke Colclough – Vocals/Guitar, Josh Graham – Guitar,Gary Butler – Bass,James Hughes – Drums, knew exactly what they were doing. They just let loose. It would have been exhilarating enough for the capacity crowd as it was, but with the added drama of it being the farewell it added an emotional charge to the proceedings that made this gig quite unique and special. There were tears at the end, one poor girl was just stood on her own crying that it was all over, a poignant moment to draw a line under a bitter-sweet but altogether brilliant night. Ameira had something good, respect and a nod of the head for going out in style.


Hopefully Scunthorpe Nights will be back with more AlterEgo gigs in the new year after the success of this one. Thank you all for your support in 2014 its been amazing to help out and promote this town and the wonderful people who live in it. No matter what people say about it I do love Scunny. Leanne does most of the hard work you know, I just write the odd review now and again. We’ve come so far in 2014, here’s to bigger and better things in 2015. Happy New Year from everyone at Scunthorpe Nights.

Nick A.

Photo Album courtesy of Energy by Motion Photography 

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