Top Nominees So Far // Appreciation Vote

Vote now closed

The top nominee’s will be announced soon. The most voted will then go into the final vote, all existing votes will still count but voting will be open longer to enable time for more votes to be submitted.

Already hundreds of votes have been submitted so keep going, get your nominees into the final round!

The overall winners of each category will receive a Scunthorpe Nights Certificate of Appreciation recognition, which they can choose to display on social media and in their venue/business. Each winner will also receive a promotional post via Scunthorpe Nights socials and website and feature in the monthly downloadable magazine and may receive a review. Please note, this is not a funded award, it’s just a bit of fun and a way to show appreciation to those local independents. Please refrain from cheating, I can tell!

(no chain restaurants/cafes or venues will be included in the final vote i.e no Greene Kings, McDonald’s, Greggs, Costa or Wetherspoons) This vote is for small independent businesses only.

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