The Finalists // Appreciation Awards

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Recognizing local independent venues, musicians and businesses. Just for fun and for a bit of a shout out to all those local independents.

You voted for your nominees, there are some firm leaders and a few joint places, so I had to add more than 5 finalists to make it fair as some venues shared equal votes.

The overall winners of each category will receive a Scunthorpe Nights Certificate of Appreciation recognition, which they can choose to display on social media and in their venue/business. Each winner will also receive a promotional post via Scunthorpe Nights socials and website and feature in the monthly downloadable magazine and may receive a review. Please note, this is not a funded award, it’s just a bit of fun and a way to show appreciation to those local independents.

Please hold yourself back from cheating. Also please refrain from giving me stick if you aren’t happy with the finalists, these were voted for by the public. I usually give out my own award or 2 when the public votes are over. Scunthorpe Nights is NOT a team of people. It’s a volunteer with a dedication and passion to support the local area. Non profit and all voluntary.


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