New Album // ‘A Western Showcase For The Masses’ by Ramble Gamble

The Extraordinary Ramble Gamble have released a brand new album named ‘A Western Showcase For The Masses’, Which is available now on most popular streaming sites. If you haven’t heard of Ramble Gamble they are an alternative-folk band from North Lincolnshire, formed in early 2014. Matt Hercock, Jonny Lavin and Sian Hart formed the band out of a love for music, drinking and refusing to conform to the general sound of their local music scene.

This isn’t the bands first album as back in 2020 they released their Album “Neverender” and a few EP’s along the way. There is certainly a theme with their music and you can expect to hear songs about pirates, cowboys, death, bar fights, volcanoes, riding horses and drinking whiskey.

The band have played up and down the UK playing in small cramped pubs, to festival stages in front of thousands. The band are a very popular choice for folk and alternative festivals with their distinctive quirky songs and hippie country styling. If you want a live band with energy and stage presence you can’t go far wrong with The Extraordinary Ramble Gamble.

The new album ‘A Western Showcase For The Masses’ was produced at SmallCogMusic Studios and it’s theme focuses on dark folk stories.

Whilst listening to the bands songs, you really do pay attention to the words. Ordinarily this is not the genre of music I’d sit listening through my headphones but I went through the tracks and it’s musical story telling at it’s best. Personally, I’m not well versed in country or folk, so it’s difficult for me to give any descriptive words or comparisons but for fans of this music, I’d say it’s got some shanty bangers to get your jig on, so that’s as technical as this review is going to get. The band bring an element of comedy to their music with their choice of lyrics, vocal pitches and effects at times. There is no doubt this band has some “extraordinary” musical talent, so why not give them a listen and see what you think for yourself.

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