Food Review // Alpha Grill Scunthorpe


Friday night, new burger joint “Alpha Grill” were offering 50% off their menu.

If you’ve not heard or seen Alpha Grill it’s maybe because it’s a small burger van tucked away in a carpark on Normanby Road. It is quite a random location and it’s not super easy to find as there isn’t any signage.

We ordered 4 burgers and home cut chips. “The Home Of The Alpha” and The Second Alpha” and we opted for signature Alpha sauce on all 4.

It was a bit of a wait as the 2 guys seemed pretty busy prepping and cooking. Groups of hungry customers started to show up and order their food.

The food packaging was a nice touch, little brown boxes with air holes that opened up into a make shift plate.

The burgers were formed infront of your eyes before being placed on the grill. They were pretty thick patties of pure minced beef.

The Alpha sauce was Alpha’s spin on burger sauce. All the burgers came in brioche buns. You could choose  toppings on but “Home of The Alpha” came with onions, lettuce (little gem style), tomato and gherkins.

The burgers as a whole had good flavour, were very meaty and thick and the home cut chips were rustic looking, soft and sweet but I was missing a bit of a crunch. (Just personal preference)

Overall, with the discount the portion was decent and the double burgers were filling. If you don’t fancy looking for the van you can order for delivery via phone. Alpha Grill also do a pretty tempting and extensive breakfast menu, but we haven’t sampled that yet. If you want to have a browse the Facebook link is below.

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