My Positives on Scunthorpe- Did you think of any?

Not everyone feels the same about Scunthorpe and some people find it very hard to find a positive about the town but I take pride in my hometown as do quite a few others. I mean I wouldn’t voluntarily run Scunthorpe Nights to promote the town if I didn’t like it.

Most people are pretty friendly, whether you’re doing your shopping, walking your dog or on a night out.

Yes, some places are a little run down or outdated but I wouldn’t say to the extreme.
The town centre doesn’t provide many shopping options and people do miss closed shops, bars, clubs that held memories of their youth like Henry Africa’s, club 2000, H&M, HMV, Record Village etc. But if you look a little deeper than some gritty channel 4 documentary you can see positives Scunthorpe has to offer.

The new St Johns Market is worth visiting, even if it’s just to grab some food whilst passing through town or visiting the cinema, there are some amazing food outlets on the upper floor, in fact my favourite indian eatery is up there “Ali’s Food Hut”. There’s also Brad’s, Flavours, Fish & Chips and stalls serving baked goods, sweet treats and milkshakes. Downstairs it’s the butchers, veg stalls and the long serving Barnes discounts and Jim Bale pet supplies but there is also clothing, records, jewelers, Italian food supplies, incense sticks, dream catchers and much more. It’s free parking in town on Saturday’s and Sunday’s too.

We have pretty good schools, colleges and the new UTC engineering and UCNL University campus at Pitwood house.

Believe it or not the Scunthorpe music scene isn’t bad, although it could always be bigger, pre covid times there was usually a band on somewhere in the town. Cafe INDIE and The Lincoln Imp have both encouraged new upcoming and well known bands to the town along with The Baths Hall being our biggest venue. I’ve seen some of the best upcoming bands perform here like the “The Struts”, “Everyone You Know”, “The Moods”, ” La Fontaines” and that’s just a handful I can remember.

Big name comedians continue to re book their tours in Scunthorpe and even popular bands from the USA and Europe have been over to play small venues and return. I know your perception of somewhere can sometimes cloud judgement of venues and you won’t even consider looking what’s on there but don’t be too much of a snob and you might have a really enjoyable night. If you like cover bands then Scunthorpe venues have no shortage and every weekend (pre covid) you would be guaranteed to find at least one pub with live music on a Friday or Saturday night, The Lord Bobs being one of the town centre pubs to attract gig goers and even on a Sunday at The Penny Bank on the High Street.

We do have some decent bars and pubs although I do miss some of the ones that have been demolished. I have my favourites and you might have yours but people have invested in Scunthorpe nightlife, they’ve taken that risk and put hard earned money into making fresh new venues for locals to enjoy. I think the most impressive venture in my opinion was turning old Showboat/Storm around. I felt it always looked a little daunting in there for a night out and the décor resembled a sparse kitchen shop but now, I wouldn’t even recognize the really is fantastic from the detail in the décor to the drinks menu and music. There’s also popular cocktail bar, Lola’s which remains a firm favourite for some and the brand new “Black Door” which is situated on the ground floor of the previously known venue “Brit” ,”Britannia”.

There are lots of pubs outside the town centre as well, a lot providing great home cooked and fresh food. See venue list

Retro Bar

A few venues have had recent full refits too, one being The Penny Bank on Scunthorpe High Street. I’ve seen the finished photos and it looks great! But it has yet to be unveiled to the public. Also I know Brumby Hall and Heslam Park have had a bit of a Facelift.

Down to recent restrictions venues have upped their game in the beer garden department too, with great outdoor drinking and dinning options. The Wortley, Queensway, Beckwood, The Chancel just to name a few.

My other positive is more of a memory but, Party In The Pines! Legendary! For those who attended any of the festivals you’ll know what I mean but that’s gone and it will never be returning so hold on to those memories folks. But the bands that graced the stages and the public that travelled here to attend will remember Scunthorpe for that.

Normanby Hall Country Park do have their family friendly festival weekend coming up this year (guideline permitting) with 3 nights of live music. Friday is mostly Local bands, headlined by a Bon Jovi Tribute. Saturday is a little more mainstream pop with a Little Mix tribute and Sunday is a little more Jazzy with Snake Davis. See more about Party In The Park here.

Scunthorpe has some lovely walks, green spaces and well kept gardens and plenty of wildlife to seek out. I mean we aren’t called the industrial garden town for nothing! If you drive around in your car and mainly just see the roads of Scunthorpe, well yeah you might not be too impressed but why not go visit one of the many local nature reserves or woodlands.

We have some good little food places, yeah, so we don’t have a Nandos or Prezzo but we have some great little independents. New ones are popping up all the time. Just to name a few of the newer ones (I haven’t tried any of the below yet but they get rave reviews from customers and the photos look tasty) The Smoking Goat, Cakes By Andrea, The Cookie People, Noodle-Licious, The Greek Kitchen, Flavours, Smoke & Iron.

We have the 20:21 Art Centre, they host various workshops and host some really interesting exhibitions. My favorite’s to date were Grayson Perry’s and Jason Wilsher Mills. The curation team have recently secured “The Moon” by Luke Jerram.

Hmmm…. what else, well we have a raceway, a leisure centre (The Pods), an abundance of Gyms, lots of independent businesses, many community groups and activities, The Steelworks and locals that do great things. We have good motorway links to access nearby towns, cities and attractions. Our roads are never really too busy, even on a bad traffic day with road closures you’re not stuck for hours like some places. Although the town centre is low on options when it comes to shops, it happens, sometimes town centres move about or shops go bust, high rents etc it’s not just Scunthorpe, even the big cities struggle as our shopping habits change but we have some decent retails parks that are growing. Of course, it would be nice to attract some big names back to the town centre with Primark and the new big Sport Direct store but will it happen, I’m not sure but we can hope.

Some of the areas in Scunthorpe show admirable community spirit and the willingness to improve the town. Those volunteer litter pickers do a fantastic job so shout out to them!

I feel if you live here and you feel negatively about the place, why not do something to make it better or look for something to change your mind….or I guess you could move if it’s really not appealing to you.

It’s easy to critise and harder to build up, give it a go, look further, search for things in the area you didn’t even know existed. People make a place too so if you’re a negative, and mean ___insert swear word here___ then you aren’t making it a better place. If you curse a town others have put time and effort into then you aren’t showing much appreciation or respect either. There is good and bad in all places so just look at the good a little more.

The challenge was say something positive about Scunthorpe, some managed it and some took the easy “way out”.

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