Vote for your Favourite Local Nature Walk // North Lincs

Let’s see where you rate for exploring nature during lockdown. Feel free to comment other options and I’ll add them on. If you have taken any good photos of the walk then post them in the comments under the Facebook post 🙂

Did you know there is a Poetry Anthology ” A Sense of Place “ celebrating North Lincolnshire written by local people?

The place I call home
People often groan
There’s nothing to do here; nothing to see
If they open their eyes
There’s a world of possibility
Look past the rigid steel exterior
And search for the beauty inside
Behind the smoke and chimney’s
Rabbits run wild and birds take flight
Foxes roam on through the night
The fields, the woodlands
Watch the deer run free
Across the fairway into the trees
A whole world of wonderment and nature
Just waiting to be seen
Kingsway, Twigmoor and Ashby Ville
Normanby Park and Alkborough’s maze on the hill
Take a walk down the mud tracks
Feel the leaves beneath your feet
Look up, look down
Let your eyes wander around
This is North Lincolnshire
And this is where we start
Local music shows passion
With homegrown lyrics
The crowds chant a chorus
The echo around the room; the atmosphere
Their music was made here
Maybe in a kitchen
Or out back in a shed
The ideas, the knowledge
North Lincs brought inspiration to somebody’s head
The good people do here
Even the people on tour
Lights and laughs in The Baths Hall
The memories held in its old walls
To the new auditorium that will bring even more
This is North Lincs
And this is where I grow
Maybe I’ll stay here
It’s the place I call home

Poem from “A Sense Of Place”

Published by Scunthorpe Nights

Volunteer run network to support our local area by showing what it has to offer.

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