REVIEW // All Star Wrestling – Superslam Wrestling

All Star Wrestling / Superslam Wrestling at The Baths Hall, Scunthorpe on Saturday 22nd February 2020.

All Star Wrestling returned to the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe as part of their 50th year anniversary tour.

Running the event under the Superslam Wrestling trademark. The shows advertising for the months leading up to the event had featured WWE star Gangrel as well as Mr USA Brody Steele, with both wrestlers failing to show up for the event.

Vampire Warrior Gangrel, best known for his time in the Brood in WWE alongside Edge and Christian, was in the country having already performed on shows for the company leading up to the event.

Just before the show started, with no mention anywhere on social media or their website, they announced Gangrel couldn’t make it to the show because he couldn’t get in the country due to Brexit, which was obviously not the case.

Just a quick look at his social media shows him in the country and he even appeared at Hull the day after for the same event company, whilst Mr USA Brody Steele isn’t even in the UK, so as a wrestling fan it is very disappointing. I hope that if they are set to return to the venue in future that something is done to prevent this happening again.

The show itself was also rather disappointing, with the first 2 out of 5 matches being very similar, including many similar sequences of moves and finish to the match.

It was nice to see a female match in the event, as the last time I attended one, there was supposed to be but it never happened.

The rumble at the end was just awful, with the ring announcer ruining the match by asking fans to cheer for the UK wrestler during the match, who ended up winning to no ones surprise.

All Star Wrestling promote family wrestling shows, including the type of shows you usually see at holiday camps, but still are capable of putting on good shows with good wrestlers.

This however was not one of them and the false advertising means that it is highly unlikely I will return to see a future show. By no means can the venue be blamed for this as they are provided with the show info and don’t have the control over who the event company do and don’t showcase on stage. It’s a good venue, but as a wrestling fan, I just did not enjoy this event in particular.

Photos & Review by Steven Potter


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