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You might have heard of them, but if not, Hollow Doors are a band of four young individuals from Scunthorpe. Each with a different appreciation of musical genres and tastes; giving a unique take to popular music and alternative, reviving classic rock.

The boys have built up quite a local following with regular fans turning out for their packed calendar of gigs. It’s never an empty room when these lads play and with their own merch you can see the most dedicated fans wearing the hats & t-shirts. In my teenage years and beyond, I probably followed 3 local bands closely, all sadly split to this day but I remember the excitement of seeing my favorite local band and hearing their original music and knowing these lads are that same excitement for their many new fans.

For Hollow Doors this is just the beginning, they have played A LOT of gigs over the past year or so but performing mostly covers. Nothing against covers but I do like a bit of original music from time to time so I was pleased to hear the lads were working on their own material but I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from it.

Hollow Doors have now released 2 singles onto the web in quick succession for free download, which you can download COMPLETELY FREE. Definitely worth a listen. I’ll stick the links at the bottom.

The bands following are primarily used to them performing covers but I feel they will really take to the bands new & original writes. It must be a scary time for a band to transition from covers to their own music and the worry that fans might not like it. But in this case I don’t think the boys need to worry at all.

I’ll start with the first release, “Cali-Psych”. At first, I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure but after listening to it again. I think it’s pretty strong tune. I’m not the best at describing songs and technical capabilities, I just know if I like something or I don’t. But the riff takes you and carries you along into a punchy chorus.

The intro eases you in slow and quiet and then it hits you hard as the song kicks in. As I’m listening to the hook “Oh yeah, you’re a freeloader, you’re going nowhere” I can just imagine the room of Hollow Doors fans, hands in the air shouting the lyrics back. I think this is a very good trait to a song. The boys aren’t unfamiliar with people singing back to them but it’s a bit of a different feeling when it’s a song you’ve written and structured yourself.

Throughout both tracks I can heavily feel the influence of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, even in Connor’s vocals. He has a unique and distinctive tone to his voice and sounds very mature for his age so it adds a deep richness to the sound of the band.

The second release, “Take It Now”. I’ve listened to it a couple of times now and I haven’t made up my mind which song I prefer as they are both equally as good in their own right. I do really like chorus of this one though and as I’m listening it reminds me of something i’d have heard on a Kerrang album back in 2012. I think instrumentally this song holds more confidence and shows more of the bands musical abilities, especially on guitar.

There’s no doubt that these lads have the passion and drive needed when performing. They give their all. I have only seen them once but I’ve held off seeing them again until it’s an originals set. Then who knows I might own a Hollow Doors t-shirt of my own.

Free Download of both new singles HERE

Connor Haggarty

Connor Haggarty

Corey Lockwood

Corey Lockwood

Josh Follows

Josh Follows

Callum Frost

Callum Frost

Review by LGM

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